Privacy Policy

How we process personal data

We are dependent on trust from our customers. That is why your privacy is important to us and your personal data is safe with us. This includes everything that can be connected to you as a person, for instance address, contact information, GPS-positions and other personal data.  
Collection of personal data

ABAX processes personal data mainly through agreements and contracts made with our customers, customer service, customer care, customer administration, marketing and invoicing.  
In the main, ABAX collects personal data from you directly. Sometimes we gather information from other sources, both public and private institutions. Additionally, GPS-positions are automatically collected through usage of our products. These GPS-positions are seen as personal data.  
ABAX is a data controller for information we collect about you. We will inform you when we collect data unless the collection is decided by law, notification is impossible or difficult, or you already are aware.  
If ABAX receives your data generated as a list in connection to marketing activities, you will have the right to unsubscribe. In cases where ABAX collects personal data on behalf of our customers, and act as a data processor on behalf of our customers, our customers have the responsibility for the information you receive. We will, in these cases, also be able to give you the information directly, but this will be upon request from our customers.  
ABAX will record phone calls for security and training purposes.  
Customer Satisfaction Indicators

When you contact ABAX, we will on occasion ask you about your customer service experience. This feedback is used to give customers better products, services, measure the effect of improvements and look at customer satisfaction and customer behaviour over time.  
If you do not want to share this kind of data, simply avoid conducting any survey you receive.  
Newsletter and marketing

You can receive marketing material, information and notifications from ABAX. This can be communicated through email, our webpage or other appropriate channels. This information is divided in three different categories:

  • Information and news, normally as a newsletter using email
  • Campaigns and invitations
  • System notifications about your services

You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

Extraction of personal data


In ABAX, we have a common register for all our customers available for all our consolidation companies. Its purpose is to give our customers the best possible service and provide information and proposals on products and services we offer. The register may contain the following data about you: 

  • Name  
  • Contact information
  • Company of employment
  • What consolidation company you belong to
  • Contract details
  • Historical data regarding your contact with ABAX

Data Controller

The Data Controller is the one who sets the purpose for how to process the personal data. In the ABAX-consolidation, the Data Controller is the ABAX company you have made an agreement with. For personal data collected based on complying agreements with our customers, the customer themselves (in most cases) will be the Data Controller.

Data Processor

When an ABAX customer is the Data Controller, ABAX acts as a Data Processor. For this purpose there has been made a Data Processor Agreement between the customer and ABAX.  ABAX has also signed agreements with subcontractors on data processing. Our subcontractors cannot use this information for other purposes than defined by the Data Controller.

Your rights


You have the right to get information on what personal data we process and how it is processed. Most of the information we have about you as our customer is available for you to view in your profile. Requests on extended access are completed by the Data Controller.

The employees of ABAX customers may have access to data that is not visible by the administrator (e.g. private trips in ABAX Triplog). However, if the administrator (Data Controller) is asked for copy of all data registered on the employee, this data may be visible to the administrator during this process.


To provide the best service, it is important that the information we have on you is correct and necessary to implement the agreements. You can request that we correct and erase information on you if the information is inconclusive or unnecessary. Requests are addressed to the Data Controller.


ABAX erases personal data when it is no longer required to fulfil the purpose it was collected for. This means, that as long as you have an agreement with us, we store necessary information on you. When a contract is terminated, erasure of data will be completed unless an agreement on further storage has been made. More information on erasure can be read in Terms & Conditions for our services. Claims to erase information are addressed to the Data Controller. If there are regulation that outline a minimum storage time, e.g. for accounting purposes, erasure will not be conducted until the minimum storage time has passed. 



Cookies are small files storing information on how you are using a website. The information is stored in the browser you are using, hence with you / on your computer.

ABAX uses cookies on the web page to:

  • Learn from your behaviour to improve the functionality, user experience and content 
  • Adjust content to make it relevant for you
  • Provide you with relevant and customised marketing on other web pages you are visiting

You may experience adverts from us on other web pages, based on content and web pages you have visited. Cookies are used to collect information on what pages you are visiting on our web page and not identify you as a customer.  The information we collect when using our web page can in some cases be combined with information from your previous customer relations.  
By using our web pages without switching off the function for using cookies, you are accepting ABAX’ use of cookies.  
How to avoid cookies

If you do not want to allow the storing of cookies on your computer, you can turn this feature off in your browser. Be aware that this may affect functionality on and other web pages. 
You can delete cookies by following the instructions for erasure of cookies in your browser.  
If you want to allow cookies, but at the same time access what we actually store, you can install an addition to your browser: 
Privacy on

Usage of analytics

On we register the following information on you:

  • Your position by using IP-address, data on positioning and similar
  • Your electronical traces, e.g. what web pages you are visiting and what products you are ordering
  • Technical information on your web browser and operating system

Information on your behaviour on our web pages is used for the following purposes:

  • Analytics
  • Personal adjustment on the web page
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing

We are using Google Analytics for analysing the traffic on our web page and additional web pages we have. If you do not want Google Analytics to gather information about you, please visit this page: Google Analytics (

You can be contacted

If you are using a guide for a product on our web page, we may contact you with a sales purpose.

Personal profiles

In ABAX, we are in some cases using personal profiles to adjust our offers to you. Personal profiles is an assembly of information we have received from you, e.g. name, address, other personal information you have stated, services you are using and information on traffic. When we use profiling for marketing, we inform you.

Data protection Officer

The ABAX Data Protection Officer is Christine Blomquist. If you have any enquiries regarding how we process personal data feel free to contact her at:  

For further information, see government legislation regarding processing personal data.