Tracking Systems for Landscaping & Groundworks Businesses

Bring all your business assets, vehicles and tools into one live map for full visibility, all from the comfort of your preferred device, and become operationally transparent and efficient.


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Tracking System for Landscaping

Join hundreds of landscaping businesses using ABAX tracking systems to enhance full visibility, cut down on admin time and reduce the risk of potential loss of your equipment.

The role of landscaping in the last few years has expanded as people want to spend more time outdoors – so that puts an emphasis on your business to perform efficiency and for your employees to be productive.

Track all your assets, whether it be vehicle, equipment, tools or employees, through ABAX Tracking Systems for landscaping. Having a one-pane view, through desktop or the ABAX APP, all tracked assets in your business can be quickly located to prevent loss from theft or misplacement.

Accurately identify your assets in real time with just one live map, to transform the visibility over your business operations. Efficient for small, to medium, to large businesses, so you can deliver great results for your customers whatever your size.

Through our automated reporting focusing on driver behaviour, asset tracking and maintenance, you can remove the need for manual tracking, resourcing admin for time-consuming tasks, and focus where you need to.

As we could not previously practically fit a vehicle tracker onto a rotovator or a power drill, we have always relied on our warehouse manager booking the smaller machinery plus power tools ‘in’ and ‘out’ with pen and paper which was not an ideal or robust system. Now everything, from a big tractor down to the last power tool, has a tracker on it and we can basically see where all our kit is on the same screen, which has obvious major benefits!

Across the UK, landscaping businesses are benefiting from ABAX tracking systems to deliver top results in business operational efficiency so they can continue to improve customer services and increase their revenues.

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Track your landscaping tools for better business efficiency with intelligent tracking

Identify inefficiencies in your business operations in real-time

The ABAX Tracking System for landscaping ensures that all data is transformed into insight in real-time. From one single interface, house your entire business and employee behaviour to maximise efficiencies.

Allocating employees to different jobs whilst running the administrative side of the business can be a balancing act, but with moving expensive equipment and entrusting drivers to behave positively on the road can be tough to monitor if not given the proper resources. Your business can benefit from better driver behaviour, reduced fuel costs and boosted business efficiency.

  • Get in control of your total fleet risk
  • Eliminate private mileage and out of hours van usage
  • Save on fuel and maintenance costs
  • Reduce risk and number of accidents
  • Link driver behaviour and scores directly to relevant costs
  • Reduce wear and tear of extensive vehicles and equipment

Lots of our employees take vehicles home with them so we are now able to monitor out of hours usage. The monitoring of our drivers’ behaviour also leads to cost effectiveness in the areas of servicing and the need to buy fewer parts for the vehicles.

- Turneys Landscapes Ltd

Maintenance and servicing for the landscaping industry

Prevent unexpected maintenance and servicing costs, to avoid downtime

Unexpected downtime is costly to your landscaping business – especially if you’re geographically spread out. You have customers to delight and employees to manage, so experiencing delays can greatly impact customer satisfaction. Proactive monitoring significantly reduces the risk of vehicle and equipment downtime, and having it automatically assessed via the ABAX tracking system saves even more valuable time.

Using mileage and usage data, you can avoid hefty downtime by using the data available to you to plan. Whether that be to send drivers of training courses who’ve been poorly driving with hard braking, or rerouting drivers who take excessively long journeys, investing in reliable and data-led tracking for landscaping grants immediate benefits to your bottom line. Use a tracking system that can pick up on incremental usage and damage so you can anticipate when you’ll need to take vehicles in for maintenance.

  • Schedule maintenance reminders
  • Get usage logs for plant machinery out on jobs
  • Know where all your vehicles are at all times
  • Calculate service and maintenance based on actual usage, not just running time

The ability to plan routes more strategically improves fuel management. Greater visibility results in increased efficiency and less fuel being used unnecessarily on trips. It also has a positive impact on customer service, with the ability to provide accurate details on arrival and collection times through live map data.

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Accurately locate your drivers to enhance customer loyalty

Deliver excellent customer service with timely responses

Having the information on your business operations is one thing; ensuring that you’re using it for excellent communication with your customers is another. This is what can give you the competitive edge – provide accurate arrival times and urgent responses. ABAX is the tracking system that helps you achieve the ultimate competitive advantage when it comes to customer service.

Quickly identify the location of drivers, and therefore precise answers for customers on arrival times. You can also use the real-time data for long-term operational and route planning and efficiency, as it compounds into historical data; you’re always keeping your data on tap.

  • See which employees are available or closest to emergency call-outs
  • Provide precise arrival times
  • Send messages in the app to one or more drivers
  • See traffic events within the map and notify your drivers

From a couple of clicks on a computer app we know where the lads are, when they will arrive at their next destination and how long before they get back to the yard – so that we can get the next delivery picked and ready to go out. It’s not used as a tool to micromanage staff, it is used to help us with customer service – we can let the customer know when the lads will be at the job.

Constantly hunting down lost or mislaid equipment?

Accurate location data for every asset – big or small

The landscaping industry unfortunately isn’t immune to the threat of theft, but there are ways to mitigate against impactful burglaries. Even spending time locating lost or mislaid expensive equipment and tools wastes time and money in the effort to bring them back. Pinpointing exactly and accurately assets location reduces the impact on lost business opportunity and profits.

Use ABAX tracking tools like advanced geofencing and proactive alerts – should a van or tool ever be removed from a pre-set boundary – to make the rate of recovery far higher and reducing the financial impact on your business.

  • Track handheld tools with ABAX Mini 
  • Track larger assets with GPS vehicle tracking 
  • Receive automated inventory lists 
  • See all equipment and tools using the ABAX APP  
  • Set up virtual tripwires with our Geofencing
  • Find my assets function 

"The geo fence facility is great and has given us peace of mind we can now leave machines comfortably on site, just have a quick check on a map, rather than taking to and from a yard."

- Kedge Landscaping

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We have developed our telematics solutions to meet the unique needs of landscaping businesses. Products with extended battery life, 60-second refresh rate on real-time data, predictive maintenance, anti-tamper protection and customised geofencing offer peace of mind.

Whether you want to track expensive assets and vehicles, enhance route planning through usage reports, better monitor fuel bills and payroll or easily locate lost goods – our mobility data and telematic solutions can help.

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