Telematic Solutions for the Landscaping Industry

Is your company finding it difficult to get useful insight for vehicles, equipment and machinery? Tracking and innovative telematic solutions could be the perfect tool for the landscaping industry where the jobs are geographically spread apart and locating lost equipment is an extremely time-consuming task.

Experiencing delays due to lost equipment and machines?

Doing a landscapers job is challenging without the right equipment and machines. You might already be using telematics to keep track of your vehicles and milage, but GPS and Bluetooth is also an ideal solution to track other company assets, including equipment, tools and machines.

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Consistently on the hunt for lost assets?

If you find that machines and tools are frequently lost, misplaced or stolen, it can take days or even weeks to recover economically, not to mention the added stress that comes with purchasing new equipment to get the job done.

Implementing telematics can help you with:
  • All assets, vehicles and machines accessible in one map
  • Search for lost assets with the mobile app
  • Overview of which driver is using the vehicles
  • Easy access to your machine’s usage log and locations
  • Make a geofence for projects and receive alerts when assets are leaving and entering the chosen area

Use geofences to your advantage

Creating a geofence around the worksite makes it easier for both you and your clients to see when machines and vehicles are leaving the area. You will get a full overview over what has been done on the project, and what employer has carried out the work.

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  • Create an area in the map
  • Name the area with the project name
  • Get notifications for ‘Equipment outside of area’
  • Get notifications via SMS or e-mail

It is not normally necessary for the client to observe the project while it is happening, and the project leader might be stuck in an office miles away. Geofences that alerts you whenever assets are leaving or entering an area makes it easy to correctly invoice your clients and show them actual data for time spent on the different projects.

Is your business spending an unnecessarily large amount on overtime?

Being updated on your staff’s overtime can be time-consuming and complicated, especially for companies that are dependent on their employees writing down their own hours. By using data from your company machines and vehicles, you can get some clarity on the staff hours and unnecessary expenses related to overtime.  

  • Overview of when your employees reach customer’s address
  • See usage hours for the different machines
  • Get notified when vehicles leave and enter projects with geofence

Getting complaints about invoices?

Telematics helps team leaders with better communication and invoice documentation. Tracking has also proven to be useful in situations when there are disagreements regarding invoicing. With help from our live map, you can assist your employees to arrive on time. When drivers are stuck in traffic, the manager can get a full overview and redirect them to a better route and warn the customer if there is any delays.

Tracking can also make it easier to prove how long your employees was working on a project and make invoice for actual hours spent, as clients for bigger landscaping projects usually do not see the site until the project is finished. You can also use the machines' usage log to track hours spent on the project. Being able to prove how many hours spent on a project will also strengthen your company's credibility.

  • Help employees optimise their routes with the live map
  • Warn drivers of any traffic jams
  • Warn customers of any delays
  • Use our report ‘Invoice documentation’ as a basis for your invoices

Make schedules for vehicle and machine maintenance

Did you know that it is the business manager's responsibility to make sure all maintenance for machines and vehicles are up to date? Vehicles and machines that break down during a project can cause delays and does not impress clients. Usage hours and miles driven are essential to make a good maintenance schedule, and our reports can help you solve this issue.

  • Enable notifications for next servicing and MOT appointment
  • Better planning for maintanace
  • Valid warranty for all your machines

  • Increased safety for your employees
  • Notifications based on usage hours
  • Make notes and add date for last and next maintenance appointment

Telematics can help you find problems with your assets before they are completely broken, resulting in less down time during projects for your lawn mowers and diggers, in addition to increased safety for your employees with assets that are safe to use.

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The geo fence facility is great and has given us peace of mind we can now leave machines comfortably on site, just have a quick check on a map, rather than taking to and from a yard.

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