Circular Economy

A circular economy is more sustainable 

As the globe transitions to a low carbon future, ABAX is making in-roads into a circular economic model. As we develop our offerings we aim to both reduce waste and keep materials in use. 

We are at the beginning of this sustainability journey and we aim to take our customers along with us to make them more conscious of their environmental impact and give them the tools to become more efficient. 

Telematics trackers built to last

ABAX hardware is IP67 waterproof certified and can withstand the toughest and most harsh environments. Hardware units are rechargeable giving users convenient, extended use.

Returns policy

ABAX enforces a returns policy on its hardware. Customers, in effect, 'lease' the hardware to gain access to all services and global network while ABAX takes responsibility for the hardware over its lifetime. At the end of a subscription, customers return the hardware and we can refurbish and redistribute it to new customers. 

Designed for reparability and reuse

ABAX hardware design facilitates some maintenance and repair. The first thing to wear down is often the connecting cable, so we have designed our new generation that can easily have their worn cables replaced. Returned hardware is performance-tested, repackaged in CO2 neutral packaging and redistributed, along with another tree grown in Malawi for every new subscription. 

Multiple benefits for ABAX customers and the planet

This circular model provides economic, performance and environmental benefits for our customers. Customers get improved quality, maintenance and flexibility, while ABAX can reduce environmental impact in the supply chain. 

OEM Access enabled without hardware

Our IoT services are also available to customers without hardware. We can feed all types of data sources through the ABAX IoT gateway so that it is displayed on the world-class interface and customers can truly enjoy the benefits of seeing all assets in one platform. 

This data configuration means that we can host vast amounts more assets without having to directly increase the production of hardware, making our supply chain model more sustainable.  

Recycled at end-of-life

Units that have reached their end-of-life are recycled as per the e-waste systems in Scandinavia. E-waste is handled by Norsk Gjenvinning and regulations governed by the Ministry of Climate and Environment. 

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