ABAX aligns itself with the United Nations Sustainable Development (SDG) Goals

SDG 11 sustainable cities and communities & SDG 13 climate impact

Carbon Neutral

We have a direct impact through our extended work on Smart Cities, Smart Business, and Smart Assets. Through the use of telematics, customers learn to reduce wasteful activities such as idling and improve the way vehicles are handled through driving behaviour scoring. Quantifying these behaviours enables a reduction in both air and water pollution in our cities and communities as well as promotes safer roads, supporting SDG 11.

ABAX's climate action is two-fold. We are active in minimising our company's footprint on the planet. We do this through our commitment to being carbon neutral and developing a greener supply chain.
Likewise, to impact the footprint of our customers' businesses we give them tools to measure their fleet CO2, and significantly reduce the need to replace lost assets while at the same time extending their life through timely maintenance and effective resource allocation.

Furthermore, we plant a tree for every subscription to one of our services in partnership with WeForest and are active in the communities where our offices are located.

I emit less with ABAX

With ABAX, you can manage a range of fleet and equipment factors that have a detrimental environmental impact. Effectively using these tools will help you to run a greener fleet. Collectively, ABAX customers make a significant impact as they use our tools to improve the way they use their assets.

  • Reduce harsh driving and vehicle wear-and-tear
  • Lower fossil fuel waste
  • Maintain an efficient fleet
  • Ensure safer roads
  • Improved brand reputation
  • Report accurately
  • Reduce replacement costs

Measure your fleet emissions

Measure your fleet's CO2 emissions with the use of ABAX. For fleets, much of a vehicles GHG emissions arise after manufacturing. For equipment; loss, theft, damage and untimed maintenance increase replacement and environmental costs. This waste can be measured with ABAX reports, location services and notification enabling.

Learn how you can reduce your impact on the environment as well as have complete control on your assets


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