ABAX is committed to observing the highest ethical
standards in all its procurement activities

Carbon Neutral


Large organisations can change the world. Not only through their work but also by the way they procure and engage their purchasing power.

ABAX is strongly committed to observing the highest ethical standards in all its procurement activities. We expect transparency and accountability from each supplier whether they are small or large and are open to collaborating with suppliers to find sustainable solutions.

ABAX procurement ethics focuses on zero tolerance on corruption, avoiding any form conflict of interest and honest representation of supplier’s capabilities

Our journey to reaching this goal is built on the foundation of:

ZERO CORRUPTION an important benchmark for all business – we acknowledge the crippling effect corruption can have on business and, while less obvious in the northern European region, it must be resisted in all its forms.

FAIR AND SAFE WORKING CONDITIONS Based in a region of the world where employee rights are well protected, we require guaranteed health and safety of those in our supply chain.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Responsibility for the protection of human life and the environment must be ensured through preventative actions and the application of environmentally friendly measures. We insist that our suppliers have environmental policies in place such as procedures and standards for resource management, reduced emissions and waste management which must correspond to or exceed the statutory minimums and are to be continually improved.

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