In a world where environmental issues and global warming are urgent, ABAX continues to reduce its operational impact while developing solutions that help our customers control and manage theirs. 

Carbon Neutral

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Telematics and the environment

ABAX is mobilising around climate change directly through our core business. Telematics technology plays a key role in improving the impact that construction, transport, postal and municipal or public service sector assets can have on the environment. How? By connecting vehicles, equipment, and tools to the ABAX IoT platform, one can instantly measure and manage these assets more responsibly and sustainably.

Carbon Emissions

Our carbon neutral journey has always been ambitious, and currently culminates in our goal to be 100% carbon neutral by January 2023. Managing and offsetting remaining emissions is an important part of our sustainability contribution, and as of 2022 we include all relevant scopes and categories when calculating our corporate carbon footprint.


Our aim is to educate and enable more sustainable business practices for each of our clients. That is why we grow a tree for every subscription they purchase. The reforestation project our clients are a part of is having positive effects on the environment as well as the livelihoods in the community surrounding Mount Mulanje in Malawi.

Ocean Clean-Ups

Plastic pollution, in all its forms, impacts climate change and has negative implications for all environments. It’s why ABAX Driving Behaviour is an important tool for our customers because it reduces tire wear-and-tear, and micro-plastic pollution. Each year our employees rallying around this issue by cleaning up harbors, beaches, and waterways and promote environmental awareness in our communities.

Diverting plastic from the environment

In partnership with Empower, Trash Mongers and Ecodrop, we diverted
1 000 000 plastic bottles from landfill. The recycled bottles are then sold on the open market increasing the availability of recycled plastics as a raw material for production and further develops legitimate recycling operations in remote locations.

Climate Neutral Now

ABAX has pledged climate neutrality to The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC. Their aim is to promote global climate neutrality and achieve the Paris Agreement goal of remaining under 2 degrees Celsius with the aim of a maximum of 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.
Gold level achievement will be available to us when we choose to certify our calculations.

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