Planting trees is the best technology  we have, to remove
carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  

Carbon Neutrality

Why we've chosen to grow a forest

Historically, the woods have played an important role in the development of the city of Larvik, home to our head office and many of our employees. Larvik is famous for its 100% natural mineral water, Farris, filtered entirely though the Beech Forest. The health of the surrounding forest has been of great importance for local business and the citizens of Larvik.  

That’s why we decided to invest in a reforestation initiative; to reduce the carbon emissions already in the atmosphere.  

We have already funded the growth of 25 000 trees in Malawi through assisted natural regeneration initiatives and our goal is to grow another 25 000 every single quarter of 2020. That’s 100 000 trees by the end of the year and we dedicate each and every one of these trees to our customers who are using technology to be greener too.

What is WeForest

WeForest is an international, non-profit organization that works with corporates, scientific partners and climate activists to develop solutions that will help to restore forest landscapes in vulnerable areas around the world. WeForest reforestation projects do much more than plant trees. Each project considers the local context in which it operates, simultaneously empowering local communities with sustainable livelihood alternatives.

3.4 million hectares of forest covered a third of the country of Malawi but 65% of these forests have now been cleared due to the over-reliance on the natural environment for firewood, construction wood and charcoal by the local community to sustain their livelihoods. This is only forecasted to continue due to the growing population. WeForest is working with Malawi government Forestry Department, The Mulajne Mountain Conservation Trust as well as 10 local community nurseries all in a combined effort to conserve the forest biodiversity, restore 2 types of forest, create employment and alternative sources of income for the local communities and stop the current deforestation.


Procurement Ethics

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Internal Operations

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