In a world where environmental issues and global warming are urgent, ABAX continues to reduce its operational impact while developing solutions that help our customers control and manage theirs. 

Carbon Neutral

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Telematics and the environment 

Telematics has a significant role to play in improving the impact that construction, transport, postal and municipal or public service sectors have on the environment. 

How? By connecting vehicles, equipment and tools to the ABAX IoT platform one can instantly measure and manage these assets in a more responsible and thus more sustainable way. 

We plant a tree for every subscription you buy

The vehicles, equipment and tools we track emit emissions throughout their life cycle. In order to combat some of these emissions on your behalf we plant a tree for each asset. You will also be able to reduce your assets emissions by monitoring and managing them with the ABAX solution.

We plant a tree for every asset

Planting trees is one of the least expensive and most effective ways we can remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. However, it is much more complex than simply planting thousands of trees. To protect biodiversity, and reforest degraded areas back to their historic levels, methods such as assisted natural generation and enrichment planting are employed. ABAX partners with renowned reforestation organisation, WeForest, whose mission is to implement scalable, high-quality forest restoration solutions.  

Help to grow a forest

Dense forest used to cover a third of Malwai, now 65% has been cleared. Over-reliance on the natural environment has caused damaging deforestation that must be reversed if endemic biodiversity is to be saved, and the surrounding communities are to sustain their livelihoods.   

Communities thrive around healthy forests 

Historically, the woods have played an important role in the development of the city of Larvik, home to our HQ and many of our employees. It is famous for its 100% natural mineral water which is filtered through the Beech forest. This city has experienced firsthand how a healthy forest can stimulate local business and is another reason why helping to combat deforestation is so important to us. 

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Supporting more organisations that use technology for good

We were able to support the development of effective recycling systems in Ghana and Nigeria through the campaign '1 million PET bottles' campaign run by the digital platform promoting circular economic practices in developing nations, Empower.
Plastic waste can be reused if resources are allocated to smart systems like this one.

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WeForest partnership

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Procurement Ethics

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