Planting trees is one of the best technologies  we have, to remove
carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  

Carbon Neutrality

1 ABAX tracked asset = 1 Tree

Every unit installed on a vehicle, piece of equipment and tool, contributes to REFORESTATION so that you can help remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

Our customers are builders and plumbers, delivery services and construction contractors and utilize resources that correspond to more than 11% of the world's GHG Emissions. That includes cement, iron, steel, aluminium, machinery and tools.

'Plant' an ABAX unit on your asset and watch it grow in efficiency.


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Communities thrive around healthy forests

Historically, the woods have played an important role in the development of the city of Larvik; home to many of our employees and our HQ. Larvik is famous for its 100% natural mineral water, Farris, filtered entirely though the Beech Forest. Our employees and leaders understand how important a healthy forest can be for local business and the surrounding citizens.   

Another reason why we decided to invest in a reforestation initiative.  

We have already funded the growth of 75 000 trees in Malawi through assisted natural regeneration initiatives and our goal is to grow another 25 000 every single quarter of 2020. That’s 100 000 trees by the end of the year and we dedicate each and every one of these trees, and all the impact associated with each one, to our customers who are using our technology to be greener too.

CPO Atle Karlsen and CEO Morten Strand planting tree outside ABAX HQ

We have partnered with WeForest

Dense forest used to cover a third of Malawi. Now, 65% of those 3.4 million hectares have been cleared due to an over-reliance on the natural environment. Firewood, construction wood and charcoal are just some of the ways in which the the local community has utilized their surroundings to sustain their livelihoods.

This relationship has unfortunately led to devastating deforestation and it is only forecasted to continue with the rising population. WeForest is working with the Malawian government, Forestry Department, The Mulajne Mountain Conservation Trust as well as 10 local community nurseries and beekeeping clubs all in a combined effort to conserve the forest biodiversity, restore 2 types of forest, create employment and alternative sources of income for the local communities and stop the current deforestation.

Malawian tree nursery owner tending to her Mulanje Cedar tree seedlings

How we work towards a sustainable 2022


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