The difference is… we care.

ABAX was born and raised in the coastal city of Larvik, Norway where we now have our headquarters. We are a proud, active business in Norwegian society and are dedicated to supporting Norway’s commitments to the Paris Agreement and the world at large, as well as being a sustainably viable business in our own right.

The Norwegian government has recently revised and set more ambitious targets to cut the countries emissions by 40-50% by 2030. So it is for this reason we chose to target ourselves to become carbon neutral by 2022.

There is plenty of scientific evidence to encourage any business to act more sustainably today, but what drives us most of all is the impact our customers, their businesses and employees can have if they use ABAX tools.

The way you drive impacts the environment

ABAX Driving Behaviour monitors the impact your fleet is having on the environment, and of course your monthly bills. It helps to reduce the overall kilometers driven and time spent idling as well as reducing costs on wear-and-tear, chance of accidents and overall pollution. 

The fleet manager has the ability to see exactly what the costs are to the company and receives real tips and guidance of how to manage a more sustainable and efficient fleet.

We know that by caring for our customers, they too are able to care for their employees safety and reduce their companies overall carbon emissions.

We help our customers be compliant

We are their experts, providing the necessary reports and monitoring services that are needed to comply with the tax administration on company vehicles. Our service is essential for corporate owned fleets which means we have become a guide for thousands of small and large businesses.

ABAX takes responsibility for informing our customers about changes to government regulations across Europe and we understand the need to future-proof our customers from the inevitable environmental reporting to come. We ensure our customers are able to monitor their fleet’s impact on the environment and give them the tools to reduce their footprint making their businesses more sustainable and resilient.


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