Join us on our journey towards carbon neutrality in 2022

Sustainability, carbon neutrality and our environmental footprint are big priorities for us.

Protecting the future starts at home.

ABAX was born along the south-western coastal city of Larvik, Norway where we still have our headquarters. Surrounded by unique fjords and forests, it's no wonder we believe that businesses have a part to play in protecting the environment in which they operate.

Our approach is linked to helping Norway reach its sustainability goals as well as being a sustainably viable business in our own right.

For these reasons we chose a carbon neutral future with a green supply chain by 2022.

There is plenty of scientific evidence to encourage any business to act more sustainably today, but what drives us most of all is the impact our customers, their businesses and employees can have if they use ABAX tools.

The way you control your assets impacts the environment

ABAX Driving Behaviour monitors the impact your fleet is having on the environment, and of course your monthly bills. It helps to reduce the overall miles driven and time spent idling as well as reducing costs on wear-and-tear, chance of accidents and overall pollution. 

ABAX software gives you the ability to see exactly what financial and environmental costs are associated with your fleet and provides guidance on managing a more sustainable and efficient fleet.

By providing our customers these management tools we know they are able to care for their employees safety and reduce their companies overall carbon emissions.

How we work towards a sustainable 2022


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