4 Tips For A Greener Fleet

It’s no secret that the usage of vehicles are a huge contributor to today’s pollution problem, and that we should all look into how we can help reduce the pollution by using the vehicle just a little bit less, or at least more effectively. The options are many, but here are 4 steps you could start doing already today, if you’re an owner of an Electronic Vehicle Tracker from ABAX.

Greener fleet

Reduce Reckless Driving

ABAX Driving Behaviour is a tool that gives you the control you need to monitor and improve how your drivers use your vehicles day-to-day. A fleet that is driven efficiently and safely, costs less in fuel and servicing, experiences fewer accidents and is greener.

Driving Behaviour captures and presents driving data in a fun and easy way. This lets the company act on driving trends to see where training and education should be conducted.

Driving Behaviour

Fleet Efficiency

ABAX’ solution for Fleet Control shows the real-time location of all your vehicles in a Google integrated digital map. This allows you to streamline tasks for customers and make logistics more effective. Better utilisation of your fleet leads to lower fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Reduce Private Usage Of Company Vans

With automatic reporting, you get a clear overview of your company vans which helps reduce private usage after working hours. This allows our customers to reduce their fuel consumption by up to 20%, and get a more effective usage of their vehicles.

NEW! Environment Report

The new Environment report from ABAX makes it easy to get an overview of the emission of each vehicle in your fleet, and compare it to previous years. This report will help you be able to see where to make actions to reduce your fleets emission, which again will help you save fuel and get a greener fleet. 

Greener fleet with Vehicle tracking

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