Keep your machinery safe this Easter

Spring is here, and so is the Easter bank holiday! At ABAX, we're sending our best wishes for a happy season. We know Easter is a great time for a break, but if you’re in construction, you might be worrying about your machinery and sites when they’re left alone.

Anna Edwards

The challenge of keeping equipment safe during holidays

Leaving equipment and sites without the usual watchful eyes can invite trouble like theft or misuse, which nobody wants.

We’re here with telematics solutions to make sure your Easter break is worry-free.

5 steps to a stress-free Bank Holiday weekend:

  1. 24/7 Monitoring: Our telematics solutions maintain vigilant watch over your equipment round-the-clock, allowing you to enjoy your break without concern.

  2. Real-Time Alerts: ABAX Geofencing allows your to create a virtual border around sites. Receive notifications for any movement in or out of this geofence, enabling swift action to prevent potential issues.

  3. Location Tracking: Always know the precise location of your machinery, fleet and tools offering you an additional layer of security and control.

  4. Efficiency Insights: Gain insights into your fleet’s performance from the palm of your hand - even while away, ensuring a productive return.

  5. Automated reporting: Let the ABAX software do the hard work for you. Accuracy and compliance guaranteed with automated reporting on trips, mileage, driving behaviour and more!

Investing in security and efficiency

Easter is a time for fresh starts. It’s also a good moment to think about how you keep your work equipment safe and running well. With ABAX, you’re not just keeping your machinery safe; you’re also making your work more efficient.

Want to keep your equipment safe?

If you’re interested in making your assets more secure this Easter or want to know more about how telematics can help your business, we’re here to help. Choosing our solutions means choosing peace of mind.

Let's welcome the spring season by making sure our equipment is safe and ready for what's next. Enjoy your Easter holiday, and thanks for trusting ABAX to look after your valuable assets.

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