Telematics explained to you in 2 minutes

Want to know what the term telematics means? Or why ABAX telematics has become so popular in commercial vehicles? Here, we explain everything you need to know in just 2 minutes!

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Telematics explained to you in 2 minutes

Why telematics can be compared to a Smart Home

Back when ABAX was established, telematics was all about tracking cars.

Since then however, ABAX has moved on and developed telematics into a brilliant total package solution with multiple features that provide businesses great economic benefits.

ABAX helps our customers gain complete control over their assets: we track down tools and vehicles that are stolen or misplaced, and we show where the company vehicles are, on a map, that is updated in real time.

CTO at ABAX, Paul Walsh, compares ABAX telematics solution withSmart Homes:

Most people have heard of Smart Homes! What characterises a Smart Home is that it has a wireless control system that makes the life of the resident easier and more comfortable. The same principle applies to our Telematics.

ABAX helps corporate management maintain contact and control with all parts of their business - employees, assets and vehicles.

Paul Walsh, CTO, ABAX

If you have a smart home, you can save money on managing electricity consumption more sensibly. Telematics works in exactly the same way. Our range of products gives management better control, makes operations more productive and facilitates smarter work routines among employees.

ABAX simply ensures that the entire workplace becomes like a giant Smart Home where the main goal always is to reduce expenses, increase profits and be more sustainable.

How does ABAX telematics work?

ABAX's smart vehicle tracking system means that a tracking device is installed in a commercial vehicle, a machine or onto equipment.

The device allows transmission, reception and storage of telemetry data. From a technical point of view, the tracking device is connected on to the vehicle, machine or equipment with a SIM card, and the card's built-in modem makes communication possible through a wireless network.

The tracking device collects GPS data (e.g. about where the commercial vehicle is located) and transmits the information through a mobile network or mobile data to a main server.

The server analyses all the incoming data and provides it to management via secure websites and the ABAX app, which is optimised for smartphones and tablets.

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Examples of telematics data collected are the vehicle's geographical location, speed, idling, acceleration and braking, fuel consumption and needs of vehicle maintenance. The vehicle tracking device provides detailed statistics on the individual driver's driving pattern and gives management valuable information about what happened in specific traffic incidents.

Paul elaborates:

The main point is that the solution provides complete and real-time information about an entire fleet to the company. The management then uses this information to reduce costs, make driving routes efficient, encourage employees to change their driving pattern, improve the service level towards customers and, in general, gain better control over the entire fleet.

Paul Walsh, CTO, ABAX

What is the telematics of the future?

New technical solutions that simplify business operations, reduce operating costs and, at the same time, increase companies' profits will stay in focus.

When it comes to research and developments, ABAX is already far ahead of its competitors. In 2019 alone, ABAX spent approximately 6 million pounds on research and development of new products and services.

Paul concludes,

"In the same way that people who live in Smart Homes will be given the opportunity to connect to more and more services in the future, ABAX adapts to the needs of the market and is constantly developing new technical solutions. Our solutions are always practical and future-oriented. Therefore, our customers' choices and use of intelligent connection solutions will increase, as we at ABAX develop our product range."

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