ABAX Geofence

Set boundaries to protect and improve your operations

Time consuming to manage all company assets? It’s easy to get full control of your assets by creating a digital fence also known as Geofence.

ABAX Fleet

Benefits of using ABAX Geofence

Customers love our versatile Geofence feature for many reasons, here are some of them.


Reduces response time with a live location inventory

Driving behavior

Safeguards both your employees and assets

Driving behavior

Provides your customers with live logistics insights

Automated Purpose

Trigger a predefined trip description upon arriving at your destination

One of many events that can be triggered automatically upon arrival or departure of a Geofence is the automated purpose. This feature will significantly ease the process of documenting your business travels by automatically adding:

  • Project names

  • Work-site descriptions

  • Location based notes

  • Project numbers

  • Customer name

  • Task description


Use actual hours spent at a location for invoicing

By setting up a Geofence around your most visited work sites, customers or places of interest, our powerfull reporting engine will give you exact documentation on time spent at a location. This feature typically applies to:

  • Operations Consultants

  • Pay-per-use rental

  • Site inspectors

  • Technical Consultants

  • Machinery operators

  • Service Mechanics

Theft Control

Get notified upon theft and start real time tracking of your stolen asset

Geofence can act like an invisible trip wire. If assets leave their designated area, you will immediately get a notification and be prompted to start tracking the asset. This is very useful for retrieving stolen assets like:

  • Vehicles

  • Trailers

  • Power tools

  • Smaller Machinery

  • Excavators

  • Instruments

Delivery Notifications

Automaticaly notify your customers when the delivery truck arrives

As a courier, you can setup a Geofence around your most frequent delivery spots/customers. This will trigger an SMS or e-mail notification to your customer upon arriving at their destination. This applies to:

  • Standard Delivery

  • Same Day Delivery

  • On-Demand Deliveries

  • Parcel Services

  • Luggage Delivery

  • Rush Delivery

Duty of Care

Secure the safe return of employees working in higher risk areas

As a responsible employer you can ensure the safety and security of your workers by setting up a "Lone worker" notification. This will give you a reassuring SMS when your worker is done and headed for home. This typically applies to high risk occupations like:

  • Logging workers

  • Security guards

  • Land managers

  • Miners

  • Surveyors

  • Delivery drivers


Monitor the inventory status of tools, equipment and machinery in real-time

Knowing what equipment, tools and machinery is available at any time will significantly improve your logistics and response time. Set a Geofence around your yard or warehouse and know exactly what goes in or out at any time. Also perfect for stocktaking. Companies that benefit from this feature are:

  • Rental companies

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Construction

  • Plumbers

  • Gardening services

  • Electricians

Verify terms

Get notified if borrowed or rented assets moves outside their boundaries

As a rental company you can set virtual boundaries that limit your assets movement according to your terms & conditions. This could be regional or national borders or a fixed area of choice. This secures valuable rental assets like:

  • Vehicles

  • Trailers

  • Excavators

  • Compressors

  • Mobile equipment

  • Machinery

POI Alerts

Receive alerts when vehicles enter or exits a point of interest

Get notified if your vehicles enters a congestion zone or a popular hotspot for lunch or dining. Pull out reports to analyze the efficiency of your employees and learn how to better manage your workforce. This applies to time & cost critical businesses like:

  • Courier services

  • Electricians

  • Gardening services

  • Plumbers

  • Service technicians