How can the healthcare sector benefit from telematics in a time of crisis?

The combination of our services and reports makes it perfect to tailor a solution for the healthcare sector to keep a strong economy within your company. Having an awareness of the driving patterns and routes of your fleet will give you both a competitive advantage and save both time and money. Through technology, we make it easier for you to be in control.

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How can the healthcare sector benefit from telematics in a time of crisis?

Where are your drivers?

In the healthcare sector, and especially during a time of crisis, the demand to be as effective as possible and work efficiently is crucial. Your workforce needs to be flexible and adaptable, which is why a real-time digital map showing the exact position and address of your company vehicles, is a vital tool to support the speed and quality of care. 

If you are a company that responds to emergency calls, speed is critical. By using the ABAX solution, you can easily see which vehicles are moving, available and even search for an address to get a list of the five closest vehicles – allowing the potential life-saving response to be a quick as possible. 

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ABAX Driver ID leaves less trips without a driver

If your drivers change vehicles, we recommend you use the ABAX Driver ID service. A driver simply uses their current RFID card or a supplied driver tag to log on to a vehicle before driving. This connects the driver and vehicle in your live map and also creates a trip report that contains all the information you need to satisfy tax legislation – saving you a future headache and all manual paperwork.

Custom name of the vehicles

For extra control, or if you have a large fleet, you can easily separate your vehicles according to your own preferences – add anything from license plate, colour, make, model, area etc. and tag your vehicles into categories e.g. “refrigerated white Toyota van”.

Safety as key priority for fleet managers 

Larvik municipality has over X vehicles already benefiting from the ABAX Driver ID service - so they know who is behind the wheel at all times. The municipality has even used ABAX to help limit and control the spread of the Coronavirus.

Decrease maintenance costs 

According to our data, most companies do not effectively use their fleet. Instead, specific vehicles are used a lot more than others – maybe it’s a preference for driving the newest vehicle or picking the one parked closest to the office. With the use of the vehicle optimisation report, you can easily balance fleet usage and control your servicing costs of the most popular vehicles.

Servicing costs can pile up and one vehicle being off-road at the wrong time can be expensive and leave employees not being able to do their job. Vehicle utilization rates will help schedule the best suitable service intervals and monitor mileage. Control over your servicing will increase the safety for your drivers and lower the company operating costs. 

Did you know that driving 110 km/h vs 80 km/h boost maintenance costs by 80%?

Argonne National Lab/UD department of energy

Are your employees stressed driving company vehicles?

With our ABAX Driving Behaviour service you can see how Coronavirus has made an impact on the drivers. By tracking the driving behaviour within your fleet you will identify the key areas that are contributing to inflated costs and inefficiencies.

ABAX Driving behaviour will help you spot aggressive driving styles such as harsh braking, acceleration and cornering.

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Driving 120 km/h consumes 20% more fuel than 105 km/h

Argonne National Lab/UD department of energy

Gain of using telematics in healthcare:

  •  A great overview on who and in what car your employees log on

  • You decide the name on the vehicle for a better tailor system for you

  • Less trips without a driver

  • Details on trips 

  • Reduce fuel costs

  • Minimise insurance cost

  • Increase safety 

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