Manage your fleet effectively with the new RFID 2.0

Do you have a fleet of vehicles used by several drivers? Are you able to identify which drivers have driven in which vehicles? Learn how the new RFID 2.0. reader will enable you to manage your fleet more effectively. 

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Manage your fleet effectively with the new RFID 2.0

Know exactly who is driving and when 

Are you a fleet manager? Do you manage a pool of vehicles with multiple drivers? Then the system for the identification of drivers is a good choice for you. With Driver ID, you can link a driver to vehicle activity, making sure that only authorised staff are using the vehicle. 

Gain insight into how drivers are using your vehicles 

When were you last aware of your vehicle being driven outside of working hours? With Driver ID you can look back at your vehicle journeys and identify which drivers were taking unauthorised out-of-hours trips. This insight ensures you are making informed decisions about how your fleet is being run.   

What do you need? 

  • Each driver has a unique ID card (companies without ID Cards can make use of a small ABAX ID tag) 

  • Driver ID Hardware (recommended option) or Driver ID Mobile (app only available with ABAX GPS device) 

How does it work? 

In order to find out who is driving on an individual trip, a driver must simply hover the card or ABAX tag over the RFID reader to register the driver.  

ABAX Driver ID is configured to allow the driver to stay logged in after each trip when the same employee drives the same vehicle most of the time. 

Louder buzz  

Do you want more control over how your vehicles are used? Then you want your drivers using Driver ID effectively, every time they get into the vehicle. How do you get this right? The answer: the new RFID 2.0. with the louder buzz. What it means in practice? If the vehicle is operated without driver identification, the device begins buzzing to remind the individual, much like a safety belt. The RFID reader will continue to buzz until the driver logs in with their ID card (max 120 seconds).  

Optimise your fleet  

Why not combine the Driver Identification service with Driving Behaviour to give you even more insight over how your fleet is being used? Employee driving style directly affects operating costs of your business. By analysing key driving performance, your fleet manager can see where to make actions in order to improve fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance expenses and vehicle wear and tear. 

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