What is Driving Behaviour?

Driving Behaviour gives you the insight you need to improve how your drivers use each vehicle day-to-day. A fleet that is driven efficiently and safely, costs less in fuel and servicing, is greener, has fewer accidents and is cheaper to insure.

Person using the driving behaviour interface

Telematics systems collect information that enables businesses to identify when aggressive and unsafe driving occurs, and can accurately determine the place of an accident if the event is to happen. DriveTech estimates that nearly 50% of vehicle usage expenses are due to the behaviour of drivers while driving.

GPS tracking is a highly useful tool for fleet management, enabling businesses to gain control of the location of their drivers in real-time. Driving Behaviour systems use data collected in real-time to provide a report on the behaviour of the employee whilst driving. This is extremely important information for a business as it helps to increase the safety of the drivers, fleet efficiency and potentially reduce company expenses, by assessing each individual driver’s driving style.

Safety Increases Thanks To Telematics

The ability to check traffic information allows businesses to choose an alternative route if there is excessive traffic. However, this is not the only advantage of telematics systems for vehicle fleets. More and more business owners declare the need to check how their company vehicles are used. This makes it possible to increase the safety of drivers and transported goods.

With ABAX Driving Behaviour you can:

• Reduce fuel, servicing and insurance costs

• Reduce accidents by highlighting and training poor driving trends

• Operate a safer and greener fleet

• Save money by optimising fleet performance

• Pinpoint accuracy of key driving events logged in a digital map

Risk Management

ABAX Driving Behaviour takes a summary of key driving performance factors to create a score for each driver. This allows you to quickly visualise and compare poor driving trends and apply targeted training to the areas that need it most. This optimises fleet performance, reduces the frequency of accidents and helps maintain your company image.

Driving Behaviour

Savings and Efficiencies

ABAX Driving Behaviour helps make each vehicle in your fleet more efficient. By reducing poor driving trends and reckless driving, you also reduce your fuel bill and servicing frequency and costs. Your fleet is greener, safer and stays on the road longer.

See all trips and events in the map

Key driving events are logged in our Google integrated map. For example, if there was a hard braking incident, you can see exactly when and where that event occurred, and ask the driver for more information. 

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