Smart and sustainable cities and municipalities

Smart cities are high on council agendas today with projections of 70-80% of people expected to live in urban areas by 2050. With such immense pressure expected, councils need to make cities more sustainable, resilient, inclusive, and safe.

Telematics directly enables smart and sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11) by providing insights to manage assets, resources and services efficiently and in return, improve operations across the urban space.

Improve the quality of life for citizens with smart

home, health care

Home health care services are labour and resource-intensive for councils. These services are highly valued and drastically improve the quality of life for citizens. Managing service delivery and rising labour force pressure mean that councils have to do less with more. Using telematics makes home health care easier to navigate and frees up funds that can be deployed where it is needed most.

  • Manage over/under fleet utilisation to minimise unnecessary leasing expenses
  • Reduce wear-and-tear and maintenance costs on vehicles with driving behaviour performance tools 
  • Data based insights into daily experiences of health care professionals
  • Plan shifts and schedules using historical data and monitor adherence easily
  • Ensure safety of health care workers out in the field, in real time
  • Deliver on municipal promises about environmental monitoring
  • Reduce the spread of infection with highly detailed reports
  • Have 24/7 security of car keys with MINI

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Improve control of Assistive Technology Center equipment

Municipalities loan out large numbers of medical equipment to injured patients. Excessive amounts of municipality budget is wasted when high-value medical equipment is unreturned. A typical example is an electric wheelchair with a replacement cost of 100 000 NOK per piece. When managers are unable to locate loaned-out equipment they are required to replace that stock to be able to provide essential services to citizens.

Telematics saves Assitive Technology Center’s enormous amounts of money, that can then be used elsewhere in the community.  

  • Know the location of every piece of medical equipment
  • Significantly reduce replacement costs
  • Efficiently spend municipal budgets

  • Track regional demands and share extra resources between municipalities
  • Advise equipment related policies
  • Improve environmental impact of the department

Data managed Technical Department  

Telematics is proven to give control back to leaders and increase efficiency levels, previously unimaginable, across the entire scope of service delivery. While the size of the municipal technical departments differ depending on the population size, the challenges remain mostly similar.

  • Reduce environmental impact of wasteful and aimless driving
  • Have an overview of driving behaviour and stop time data to compare against reports
  • Ensure machines and tools are maintained on time to extend the life every asset
  • Reduce environmental and budget impact of replacements costs 
  • Report on CO2 emissions
  • Know where subcontracted equipment can be found at all times

Confidence in Emergency and Crisis Planning

In each phase of crisis management, telematics provides timely and accurate information that a crisis manager will need. With lives at risk, crisis management teams need to have access to the same information and need to be able to manage emergency supplies in real time.

  • One platform that all teams can access and see one set of information
  • Immediately identify where emergency equipment and tools are for timely deployment during a crisis
  • Eradicate time spent locating emergency supplies  
  • Advise emergency policies and plans
  • Easily organise emergency supplies in the post-crisis phase

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