Telematics for the Rental and Hire Industry

Telematics is a well know technology for the construction industry and fleet managers for years. But the role of telematics has become vital for the rental sector too, why is that? Here is the benefits from a IoT solution in the rental sector.

Inventory overview

In our surveys the customers replied that they spends 38 hours annually looking for their assets, and even bigger machines get lost even when they are not stolen.

  • Overview of all equipment locations 
  • Improve logistics of maintenance and transportation
  • Track bigger assets with GPS
  • Easy access from your phone through our APP 
  • Less working hours looking for your rentals

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Unauthorized weekend use

Do you know how much revenue you lose by unauthorized operating hours during nights and weekends? Out rental customers found it hard arguing with customers over operating hours. Often even the manager did not know that their employees “borrowed” rentals for private usage. The usage report is great for improving your billing.

  • Real time data on usage
  • Total transparency toward your customers
  • Less office hours chasing after unauthorized use.
  • Know the service status at all times to decrease downtime during projects

Theft when the equipment’s at the customer 

With GPS and BLE trackers on all types of equipment you can set up an alert when the objects are on it’s way out of a certain area. To have notice to act on and a possibility too search and find you assets is a lot of money and frustration saved.

Increase security on your rentals:

  • Geofence to control assets going out of an area
  • Set up alert on mail and SMS
  • Usage log to shelled for efficient maintenance and inspections

Bad timing on maintenance

You do not want your rentals to break down or having safety issues when they are on a mission. By setting alerts and using the note function it is easier to schedule for future maintenance. For the bigger machines the travel between assets will become easier when having accurate coordinates and live status in the map. Both drivers and administrators even have access from the phone.

  • Prevent breakdowns on a jobsite
  • Validate the warranty
  • Accurate coordinates
  • High frequency updates
  • See live status within the map

Should you be better on customer service

Customers complain a lot but are they always right? With valid data as a source for both invoices an location you will be able to answer and help your customers better.

  • Improved billing information including specific usage data
  • Less breakdowns and troubleshooting on the jobsite 
  • More efficient logistics bringing machines in and out to the customer. 
  • Use the telematics as a benefit doing marketing toward your customers. 
  • Have control without needing to have physical meetings with the customer during Covid.

Struggling economically?

The pandemic has made it harder to do business and with data you will most certainly get a great return on your investment using telematics.

  • Invoice unauthorized usage during weekends
  • Decrees idling among drivers
  • Less lost and misplaced rentals
  • The driver will get tips on how to improve their idling score in the app
  • Get the actual idling cost as a widget in your interface

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barford van hire fleet tracking

We were able to track the vehicle in real time and relay the position to the Police control room over the phone, which was absolutely brilliant.

Robbie Dunderdale, Barford Van Hire and Sales

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