Telematics for the Rental and Hire Industry

Telematics and tracking systems provide critical information that transform a business’s operation and bottom line – all in a one-pane view. Join hundreds of companies across the UK using ABAX to optimise their business.


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How does telematics fit within the rental market?

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Fleet and tool tracking removes guesswork in rental and hire businesses

Rental and hire businesses hand over expensive assets and equipment every single day. These vehicles, equipment and tools are the lifeblood of the business – but what happens once they leave your facility?

Having greater visibility over the location and usage of assets provides an opportunity for greater profitability and minimised risk and downtime.

Through eliminating lost time in administrative and inventory tasks, improving service and efficiency around maintenance planning, introducing theft prevention and optimised route planning for delivery and collection services – businesses can be transformed!

The right telematics system provides accurate data that increases the visibility and operational efficiency of rental and hire companies across the UK.

Through time saved with delivery and collection efficiency, I would say that ABAX has saved us a considerable amount of money so far and will continue to do so.

- PPH Access

Join other rental and hire businesses using ABAX fleet tracking software to optimise business operations, improve customer service and increase their bottom line profits.

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Tool & equipment location in the rental industry

Reduce wasted time locating assets

Our research found that on average, businesses can spend up to 38 hours every year just locating tools and equipment. Inventory for auditing purposes and man hours spent locating lost or misplaced assets is a labour-intensive task – and a drain on time that could be spent on profitable activity.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Using the ABAX tool and equipment tracking, or vehicle tracking system, locating multiple assets and pieces of equipment including non-powered equipment, power-tools and mobile assets takes minutes.

Conducting inventory and finding misplaced becomes a quick, simple and painless task.

  • Real-time, accurate overview of all equipment locations
  • Track bigger assets with GPS
  • Reduce time spent on administrative activities
  • Easy access from the ABAX app
  • See the location of all equipment in one APP and one interface

The tracking information we receive is perfect, and the savings going forward will be extraordinary!

- DNS Hire Services

Usage monitoring in the rental industry

Reduce unauthorised use – or charge accordingly

How much potential revenue is lost through equipment usage that isn’t tracked – or authorised? By gaining more transparency and control over assets on hire – you can vastly improve your bottom line.

Whether it’s through unauthorised use by customers or staff – there is a financial impact on the business. Our tracking systems are able to track usage overall or at a specific location, and create accurate reports, meaning that you can make your customers and team aware of this – as well as charge accordingly.

  • Improved billing information including specific usage data
  • Potential to invoice unauthorised weekend usage
  • Less office hours chasing after unauthorised use
  • Overview of all equipment locations 
machine usage in rental industry uk

ABAX provides peace of mind that the machines are secure – the usage tracking is great, and service intervals definitely help. Our drivers and office staff know exactly where our machines are at all times.

- PPH Access

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maintenance in rental industry

Maintenance in the rental industry

Minimise downtime and improve capacity planning

Usage also determines servicing and maintenance – our intuitive system will alert you to plan these services through monitoring the level of usage on individual assets.

This results in reduced equipment breakdown, longer-lasting equipment, more informed and efficient operational planning and a more reliable and consistent customer service.

  • Real time data on usage and asset location
  • Usage log for efficient maintenance and inspections
  • Validate the warranty
  • Prevent breakdowns on a jobsite
  • Know the service status at all times to decrease downtime during projects
  • Get maintenance reminders report via email

Ever since we installed tracking, it improved the efficiencies throughout our company. ABAX is cheaper and a much better solution than our previous supplier.

- Oadby Building Products

Location data for positive customer experience

Location data for positive customer experience

In today’s world of ‘instant’, businesses are required to be responsive, accurate and transparent. Hire and rental businesses are not immune to this, and it comes in the form of delivery and collection services.

Without accurate systems in place – this is a service that is challenging to provide – unless you have the tools and software that allow this.

Real-time tracking that is compounded into historical data means you can provide precise answers for customers when it comes to location and collection or delivery times, but also means you can use that data for long-term operational and route planning efficiency. Using vehicle tracking systems like ABAX helps to turn customers into strong brand advocates and repeat business.

  • See which drivers are available and the closest to the next job
  • See traffic events within the map and notify your drivers
  • Send messages in the app to one or more drivers
  • Use historical data to better plan business operations

loader being tracked to warehouse for rental businesses

We use ABAX to keep an eye on the trucks for ETAs, keep track of speeding and start and end times of the drivers, which gives us huge accountability. ABAX live refresh rate is great.

- A&V Squires Plant Co. Ltd

theft warning

Theft prevention for the rental industry

Prevent theft and increase recovery rates of stolen items

Theft is a very real threat to businesses operating with vehicle, equipment and tools – and when it happens, the costs can cause huge financial impact through replacement items, insurance premiums and loss of business.

Reliable and robust tracking systems provide peace of mind to businesses that choose to leverage their capability. Through accurate location data that can be updated as regularly as every 60 seconds, and innovative features like geofencing, rental and hire businesses are able to monitor the location of their assets once they have left the yard.

Geofence capability allows a business to set up virtual perimeters – usually around customer premises - and be alerted as soon as the asset is removed from these virtual boundaries, meaning you stay in control, even when you aren’t in sight.

Even if assets are stolen – live updates make recovery a much easier task.

  • Get in control of your total assets across all locations
  • Reduce risk and prevent theft
  • Increase theft recovery
  • Avoid rising insurance costs and claims
  • Easy access from the ABAX app
  • See the location of all equipment in one app

We were able to track the vehicle in real time, relay the position to the Police and recover the van, which was absolutely brilliant.

- Barford Van Hire


"Pro-Lifting UK Ltd use ABAX Triplog and Driving Behaviour to monitor their fleet of vehicles, and to see how they are being driven by their drivers. They are able to monitor whether the vehicles are being driven erratically, with regards to harsh braking and harsh accelerating. They managed to save 25% on their rental costs!"

- Pro-Lifting UK Ltd.

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We have developed our telematics solutions to meet the unique needs of rental & hire businesses. Products with extended battery life, 60-second refresh rate on real-time data, predictive maintenance, anti-tamper protection and customised geofencing offer peace of mind.

Whether you want to track expensive assets and vehicles, enhance job planning through usage reports, better monitor fuel bills and payroll or easily locate lost machinery or tools – our mobility data and telematic solutions can help.

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