GPS tracking raises the bar for plumbers and heating

Telematics can improve your business with a lot more than your fuel cost. To succeed in the plumbing and heating business, it requires fast responding and efficiently schedule advance appointments. Did you know that ABAX can help you increase efficiency and qualify outgoing billing, while also increasing savings and efficiency without adding stress?

Tired of looking for tools and equipment?

There are a lot of appointments to keep track of and having access to the proper tools are essential to getting the job done. Did you know the average craftsman spends 38 hours searching for tools during a working year? An hourly count that amounts to huge amounts of billable hours in pure loss. ABAX have developed a small tracking chip that communicates with your mobile or GPS tracker, and with the size of an 2 pounds coin the usage is numerous.

Other customers use ABAX MINI2 for:

  • Tracking utility Trailer
  • Compressor
  • Inspector camera
  • Overview of all tools in the map
  • Employees can search for assets from their mobile
  • Ensure that all equipment is included from the end of the mission

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Cars are taken off the road due to maintenance

Telematics will help you plan upcoming service and maintenance, preventing a company vehicle from breaking down on the way to or during a project. Our reports will help ensure planning for the next appointment hour or MOT inspection came on too abruptly.

  • Schedule preventative maintenance work
  • Maximise vehicle uptime
  • Maintenance notification into your mail
  • Full overview of usage hours
  • Enter date for next MOT inspection
  • Less wear and tear on tyres and cars using ABAX Driving Behaviour

Aggressive Driving in branded vans

Driver behaviour will impact your business. Most plumbers drive around in branded vehicles, and a driver nearly hitting pedestrians, parks illegally or get tickets, is by no means good advertising for your business. It can also get very expensive.

ABAX Driving Behaviour is popular with craftsmen for several reasons:

  • Less idling
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Less wear and tear on parts and tires
  • More affordable maintenance
  • Less fines

Improve your customer service

Good customer experience begins way before the invoice. The customer's first impressions starts already with the first contact with the company. How quickly can one of your plumbers arrive and get the employee on time?

  • See the nearest driver in the app
  • Deliver faster on urgent missions
  • Find the tools needed with your phone and avoid delays
  • Use the system to send SMS to your drivers
  • Inform customers of any delays
  • Exact basis for invoice

Tracking and the use of live map will help your employees to work more efficiently and avoid traffic jams an stop doing unnecessary rides between customer and warehouse looking for tools.

Missing invoice documentation

Plumbing are an industry that is exposed to complaints when the invoice arrives, and the right billing with the correct number of hours is essential to avoid complaints. With documented surfaces on hourly use and the actual position of the cars, you get a good helper when you need documentation for the customer's invoice.

Vi hjelper deg med å kutte kostnader:

  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • More affordable maintenance
  • Cheaper insurance

At ABAX, we know that each company has different needs, and we therefore have a wide range of hardware to match your needs. Using our ROI calculator we we could see how much precisely your company earns from the use of telematics. The ABAX solution helps you get an overview of all the costs related to vehicles and machines, right in your hand.

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eds vehicle tracking

The ABAX system saves me on average £200 a month in overclaimed wages, while improving customer service by quickly sending the nearest vehicle to the call-out.

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