Telematics in the Electrical Business

Employee production time is highly important to the electrical businesses. The competition is steep, but the use of GPS tracking on both vehicles and assets will benefit the electrical companies to improve their customer experience with a high return of investment.

Late response time for emergency calls

Your customers have high demands and can cherry pick an electrician Business. Providing the best customer service is highly important, like solving an urgent electrical problem with a fast act.

  • All company assets and vehicles in one map
  • See what operators are available
  • Estimate time to arrival
  • Use the live map to guide your driver through traffic jams.
  • Inform the customer the time of your arrival

Choose your preferred map. Did you know you can choose what view your prefer so you can act in a well known design? Choose between Street view, Mapbox 3D ot Mapbox dark, Google Standard and Satelite and get frequent Live update.

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Reckless driving among employees

Appearance is everything for your your brand. There is an clear correlations between poor driving an s corporate reputation and in branded vans your workers are your public face of your business.

  • Increase the driving skills among employees through tips provided in ABAX Driving Behaviour
  • Lower your fuel consumption
  • Longer endurance of your tires
  • Use the driver score for internal competition
  • Compare your score with your industry

The service ABAX Driving Behaviour collects data that provides your drivers with feedback about their driving. Based on the chauffeurs driving skills the parameters monitors vehicle idling, harsh braking, fast accelerations an quick turns will affect the driving score but also impacts fuel costs and wear and tear on the vehicle.

Theft of company vehicles and assets

Theft is a serious concern for any business owners. Even though you have a full-coverage insurance against theft, when your mobile assets gets stolen an electrician of yours cannot do his/her work and the customer will complain about the delay. 

  • Increase the security with easy access 24/ through the Driver and Admin App
  • Be notified when an asset is on the move out of an area
  • Tool trackers on all your valuables
  • The accurate GPS positioning will help the police locating your van
  • Total inventory overview 

Feed up looking for tools? With the “Find-my-MINI” function your employees can look for their missing assets from their mobile without constantly calling the manager to ask where to find this and that.

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Personal use of company vehicles

With gasoline prices rising, fuel costs, fuel economy, and more specifically fuel consumption reduction should be a top priority. Electrical companies understand the need to be proactive in making certain electricians working in the field are not misusing company vehicles on both personal and work time.

  • Tracking will automatically decrease private use of your fleet
  • Usage log on equipment will even track use of company machines during weekends
  • Fuel consumption will decrease
  • Environment report will improve will less miles
  • Use of geofence will give you a warning if your employees take a machinery home from private use

The data from these GPS trackers for electricians can even be accessed via smartphones. From the perspective of the dispatcher, real-time units make it easy to pinpoint where an electrician is, how long they have been at a job site and when they will be leaving, providing the ultimate fleet management solution.

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ABAX helps us to cross-check timesheets, being able to see where drivers are on the map is a great thing for us. The business mileage records are 100% accurate and fully comply with the HMRC, this compliancy is a major benefit for us.

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