Get the best of two worlds with the joint ventures of the European industry leader in Fleet management solutions, ABAX and ZEGO Pay Per Mile insurance.

What Zego delivers

What Zego delivers

With the Zego flexible fleet insurance you will only pay for what you use, and in a way that suits your business. Adding ABAX Fleet Management features to this ensures HMRC compliance, provides Grey Fleet management, and allows you to track, monitor and optimise your fleet operations.

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Base Premium - Pay a minimum rate so your vehicles are always covered.

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Flexible premium - Pay per-mile for the vehicles that are in use.

calendar monthly cap insurance graphic blue

Monthly cap - Never pay more than your agreed monthly cap.

Manage fleet insurance blue graphic

Manage Grey Fleet - Ensure HMRC compliance by identifying SDP and Business Use

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Simple Set-Up - Easily self-installed to battery of vehicle

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Monitor Behaviour - Analyse driver practices, improve risk and insurance premium

This is Pay Per Mile Insurance from Zego

Pay for what you use

Zegos mileage based pricing means that when your fleet is off the road, you will never pay more than a minimum base rate.

Simple set-up

Get started quickly. Zego works with your already installed ABAX-unit to track you business mileage and more.

Fantastic support

Access to your Fleet portal and dedicated teams to help manage your insurance so you can focus on running your business.

Learn more about Zego + ABAX

Zego offer flexible, usage-based cover to keep your fleet on the road. Choose the policy length, cover level and excess that best suits your needs.