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ABAX Triplog

Eliminate paperwork and save time and money with ABAX's digital mileage log. Ideal for both service vehicles and company car tracking. Get started easily and use it for reporting, mileage reimbursement, and congestion charges.

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All this is included

  • ABAX's digital mileage log is a fleet mileage tracker which automatically documents trips, mileage reimbursement, and congestion charges according to the requirements of HMRC, providing you with the necessary information to manage your company's service and company cars. All our reports can be automated and are structured in the same simple manner - if you can handle one, you can handle them all.

    A selection of ABAX Triplog reports:

    • Status report: Key data for each vehicle

    • Trip report: Per vehicle, department, and employee

    • Trip overview: During or outside working hours

    • Distance report (vehicle): Mileage, distance, number of trips, and time spent

    • Private use: Distance and time spent on employees' private trips

    • Company car report: Simplify reporting to payroll/finance by receiving a straightforward summary of your travel data, including tolls and travel reimbursements.

    • Submitted mileage logs: Overview of submitted reports per driver

Getting started

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Easy installation

Create an account and connect your vehicles - no professional installation is required, you can easily do it yourself. If you need help, our customer support is available 24/7.

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Document all trips

The system automatically logs travel details such as time, mileage, and addresses. Trips can be categorised as either private or business-related, with the option to specify the purpose of the journey.

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Automated reports

Avoid all the hassle of manual administration and receive reports directly to your inbox. Mileage logs are automatically recorded according to the requirements of the HMRC.

"The ABAX system provides us with the necessary information to do this (reporting) and meets HMRC requirements. This has resulted in tax savings for the employees and savings for the company too."

Operations manager, FANUC Ltd

Why ABAX Triplog?

Benefits of ABAX Triplog

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Better control

Analyse driving data and gain insights through automated reports. Save time, get a better overview, and run a more efficient operation.

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Fewer errors, more safety

Ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Our system handles all logging of driving data and ensures accurate documentation in accordance with the HMRC.

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Less administration

Save time, increase productivity, and lower your costs by automating time-consuming, manual processes such as mileage logging, invoicing, and reporting.

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