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Providing the vehicle tracking data you need to improve your business’ efficiency

At ABAX, tracking your fleet is more than just real-time location. We provide customers with valuable insights which can be used to transform business efficiency; from reducing the total cost of mobility to improving sustainability – saving time, resources, and money. We call it SMART MOBILITY.

Rob James

Panthera Group

“Since the installation of the ABAX tracking system we have made substantial savings by cutting down on out of hours usage and therefore reducing risk of accidents and other driving penalties."


SORC Logistics

Via Trustpilot

Abax team been really great with providing excellent customer service as well as quality product that I used every day make my life easy. I highly recommend this products and the service.


Jon King

director at East Midlands Contracting

"Now everything, from a big tractor down to the last power tool, has a tracker on it and we can basically see where all our kit is on the same screen, which has obvious major benefits!"



Via Trustpilot

Very professional from the moment they first contacted us giving great case studies to back up their proposal to us. System was easy to install to over 30 vehicles 100 items of plant etc. and has not disappointed. It did everything they said it would and has worked well in the first 4 months. Any issues/trouble shooting items were dealt with very quickly by their team. Great desktop interface and the mobile version works well too.


Robbie Dunderdale

Rental Assistant at Barford Hire

"We were able to track the vehicle in real time and relay the position to the Police control room over the phone, which was absolutely brilliant."


Bartholomew Bitowt

Via Trustpilot

Quick to set up, easy to install, intuitive to use and good customer contact.


Paul Fridd

Via Trustpilot

Great company! Been with them 2-3 years now always easy to deal with. Excellent customer service and really easy to use. Never had any problems.


Real-time tracking

Have total control with real-time vehicle tracking. With our real-time maps, you can see where all vehicles are located. Making it easy to match drivers with assignments and choose the fastest route. Track stolen vehicles, view travel history and receive notifications when one of your vehicles is in motion.

Driver behaviour monitoring

By improving driving habits, you can reduce fuel costs, service needs, accidents, and environmental impact. We use real-time data to provide insights into your employees' driving behaviours. Setting the foundation for increased safety and efficiency in your operations.

Mileage tracking and reports

For tax purposes, you can monitor and ​claim for the mileage​ your drivers have built up when out on the road and differentiate between business and personal mileage. Our fully compliant mileage tracking function calculates your mileage rates automatically, saving you time and all records are archived for up to seven years.

Fleet tracking

Fleet tracking allows you to monitor your fleet and see where it can be best utilised. You can be more efficient on a day-to-day basis, choose the most fuel-efficient route and keep a closer eye on where your drivers are throughout their time at work.

User friendly reporting

ABAX collects your fleet data and presents it back to you in over 20 different user friendly reports. From trips and mileage, to vehicle status and distance, our reports are designed to make your day-to-day life easier. What's more - all reports can be automated.

What vehicles can benefit from tracking?

Our tracking units cover a wide variety of vehicles to ensure every business can benefit from more efficient working. We can help you manage everything from cars to trucks, whatever industry your business resides in.

  • Van tracking: Our units provide real-time tracking for fleet management, route adjustments, and mileage tracking to ensure tax compliance. They also help recover stolen vehicles, pinpointing their exact location for authorities.

  • Car tracking: Our car trackers offer complete control over your fleet, whether it's company cars, private vehicles, or commercial vehicles. You can install our units yourself, eliminating the need for external appointments. These trackers simplify business trip planning and provide real-time location information for your employees, with automatic trip logging to save time on mileage calculations.

  • Truck tracking: Our truck tracking units monitor mileage, driver behavior, and fleet management, enhancing safety on long-haul drives. You can encourage breaks, ensure fuel-efficient routes, and save money.