Work smarter, not harder with Smart Mobility

At ABAX, we like to think of ourselves as a mobility data company, redefining telematics. After all, our customers are businesses with mobile fleets of vehicles, plant machinery and tools that travel far and wide.

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Our aim is to help any mobile business realise the true value connected data can bring in effectively managing and tracking their valuable and mobile assets.

Enter ABAX Smart Mobility.

It’s our software solutions platform, designed to provide total insight into a business’ vehicles, machinery and tools. It helps our customers leverage data from across their business and collate it to deliver insights that can save them time, money, and resources.

We've broken down the four key areas of the ABAX Smart Mobility Platform and their benefits:

  1. Mobility data services: Built on individual mobility data, businesses can access new insights about fleets, machinery and tools to help them improve operations, as well as exclusive access to personalised, discounted data-driven services from our partners.

  2. Fleet management: Our fleet management software provides data and tools that allows fleet managers to make informed decisions for every vehicle in their fleet. By using accurate data, they can optimise routes, increase security and safety, reduce fuel costs, enhance overall fleet efficiency, minimise downtime and take control of overall expenditure.

  3. Machine & equipment management: These tools provide 24/7, real-time remote fleet monitoring that delivers essential insights for optimising mixed fleet profitability, productivity, and risk mitigation.

  4. Asset tracking and inventory: This is smart asset tracking at its best. This intuitive all-in-one solution eliminates the cost, frustration and downtime associated with lost and stolen tools in a simple, user-friendly interface.

The real power of ABAX Smart Mobility is that it consolidates previously siloed data from tracking software tools and products, seamlessly into one place. All ABAX services are connected to the Smart Mobility Platform, providing the 360˚ insight required to run an efficient, productive and profitable business that prioritises safety.

Our team are on hand to help your business' unique tracking requirements.

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