Why AEMP 2.0 is important for fleet managers with mixed brands

Effective fleet management in the building and construction industry is vital to ensuring profitability. Being able to view all equipment and machinery and their condition across locations is pivotal to increasing utilisation, efficiency and preventing downtime.

Richard Aertssen
Why AEMP 2.0 is important for fleet managers with mixed brands

Most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) offer a telematics solution for their equipment which provides access to all levels of data. Historically speaking, it has been necessary to use each OEMs’ platform to see this data. 

Given that fleets often comprise equipment and machinery from different manufacturers, collecting all the data to gain insight can pose a challenge. In addition, enterprises with large fleets comprising hundreds of units will receive huge quantities of data that they may find overwhelming and, not least, time-consuming to use.

A common data standard 

In order to gain control of telematics data, the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) introduced a telematics standard in 2010.

The standard has been developed over time, and AEMP 2.0 (also known as ISO 15143-3) is the most recent version to date.  

AEMP serves as a common data format that makes it easier to retrieve fleet data from different OEMs and gather the data in a portal. The standard is made up of almost 20 parameters and includes data points such as the fleet’s time expenditure, fuel consumption, idling, status report, maintenance and date of next service. ABAX Smart Connect also provides a useful environmental report that serves as a tool for enterprises embracing the green transition.

Simplifying data

Good, simple access to ISO data makes it easier for fleet managers to manage their entire fleet across different suppliers and types of equipment and machinery. A common platform can, very simply, generate a complete picture of utilisation, fuel consumption, maintenance and other parameters across the fleet, across projects and locations, and across the company. 

A complete picture of the company’s assets means the whole fleet can be managed more efficiently, and, in many cases, AEMP 2.0 enables companies to reduce the number of units in their fleet in favour of renting, to improve maintenance planning and to avoid unplanned downtime. 

ABAX Smart Connect makes it easier for fleet managers

ABAX Smart Connect is a portal that has been developed for fleet managers and simplifies the day-to-day work of companies that have a wide range of equipment and machinery. Based on the equipment’s factory-mounted telematics units, we have developed a supplier-neutral portal that makes it easy to connect all the company’s assets together. 

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