28 benefits of the ABAX tracking solution for construction

Our goal is to be the number one solution provider for the UK construction industry by developing the best telematics in the market! ABAX Access includes all the features you need to improve your construction business. Enjoy your trade and running a business with more effective and affordable solutions that will make your work smarter, not harder.

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28 benefits of the ABAX tracking solution for construction

Our all-inclusive package, ABAX Access, will help you connect to the future! Build your own IoT network by connecting assets, machines, vehicles and tools and maximise the benefits of cutting-edge telematics technology for your construction business. 100% connection rate will help you gain access to all the services you need to run a modern, efficient and profitable business.

More time for your core business

ABAX technology eases your daily work life enabling you to focus on the things that matter most and make better business decisions. ABAX Access gives you unlimited access to the ABAX Global Network, and the possibility to track your equipment and tools regardless of their size, with or without a power source, and simply save time through everything being connected and available in the same solution.

Choose your options

The hardware ABAX6 can be used for either equipment control or mileage claim. The benefit of designing our own hardware and software is the flexibility to fit your purpose. 

Our solution can be integrated with other platforms and systems by means of APIs such as CRM. This means more efficient, seamless and connected workdays for customers. 

ABAX for Vehicles Tracking

Increase efficiency with business mileage tracking. Mileage claim works flawlessly and is suitable for all types of cars and companies of all sizes. It is easy to install and collects data in accordance with tax requirements.

ABAX Triplog is a solution for everyone who uses vehicles at work. All trips are automatically documented into a mileage log through GPS technology. 

ABAX Triplog gives you the visibility required to control and reduce vehicle fuel costs, it helps to ensure your business is tax compliant, improves your daily efficiency and automates mileage records and time sheets. ABAX Triplog works in real-time – all the time.

The benefits of ABAX vehicle tracking:

  • A simpler workday by efficiently providing reliable documentation of each vehicle’s trips

  • Simplified documentation process for employees and your business to fulfil tax administration requirements

  • Increased savings through reduced costs associated with vehicles used at work 

ABAX Equipment Control

Save time and money with equipment control by tracking company machinery and equipment with an ABAX6M. Installed GPS tracking enables you to take full control and locate your company's assets with your PC or mobile phone. This means less time is spent looking for equipment, fewer lost assets and more time for invoiced tasks.

Why is ABAX equipment control profitable?

Our tracking devices give you control over the valuable tools and machinery in your company. They are tailored to track your equipment regardless of size, with or without a power source.

Protect your valuable assets

Plant machinery can be expensive and is a prime target for criminals. A GPS tracking device can provide an additional layer of theft protection and security, offer peace of mind and even lower insurance premiums. 

Why choose ABAX Equipment Control?

  • 24/7 control of all assets

  • Full overview within your map

  • Schedule maintenance and service

  • Geofence – Notification when units leave the defined area

Free MINI2

The most expensive tool is the one you cannot find. When the company ends up having to buy new equipment, unnecessary costs can be the deal breaker in any business. Hence tool tracking can save you time, money and reduce insurance premiums!

Explore how Smart Mobility lets you do more with less!

Misplaced or stolen

Installing ABAX MINI makes looking for expensive tools and equipment history. You will have full control over where your company's tools and equipment are located, no matter what your employees bring with them in the van.

All assets within one common map

When you log on as driver you will see the position of your car and all company equipment. As an administrator, you will also see all company vehicles, machinery and tools within the map.

What are the benefits of ABAX MINI?

  • Search for tools from your phone

  • Save time with less searching

  • Relocate your assets and save money

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps give you an easy overview of every machine, piece of equipment and tool from your mobile phone. As a manager, this will save you a lot of time as it helps you to orchestrate your daily operations more effectively. 

Admin App

We have developed a Admin app to help you manage what can be chaotic working days. The Admin app allows you to make management decisions on the go outside your office without having to access a desktop. 

With our brand-new functionality ABAX MINI2 relay, you can also use the app to scan for nearby ABAX MINIs using Bluetooth to locate your tools and smaller assets. The MINIs will be displayed in the live map together with your other tracked assets. This function is incredibly useful in cases where your equipment is located some distance from a Triplog or a machine.

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Driver App

See all your mileage and trips and submit your trip list from your phone app. Driving Behaviour is also available in the app, which gives the driver useful tips on how to improve their driving skills. 

Our apps also save employees time as they can quickly check for forgotten or lost equipment, machinery, and tools without having to spend time searching for them.

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Wait, it’s more...

As if the trackers were not enough, there are also many services included in the package. The fact that it is free is not only good news for your wallet, it also simplifies your days as fleet manager.

ABAX Access includes

  • Customized dashboard with user-friendly widgets

  • Work hours function that automatically sets all trips to private after hours

  • Great fleet management tools and your entire fleet within one map

  • Trip speed in map where all company trips will be highlighted depending on the driver's speed

  • ABAX Driving Behaviour. Get complete insight by monitoring the company’s average driving score and comparing it with the average scores in your country

  • Area Administration help you set a purpose for the trip, to be tax compliant

  • ABAX Notifications will send you an SMS or email when a threshold has been exceeded

  • ABAX SMS Service lets you send an SMS to your drivers from the interface

  • ABAX Privacy Assistant handles all GDPR  

  • Recovery Service –  a security company will track, secure and recover any stolen vehicles or equipment  

  • Open API data sharing, combining different systems into one integration

  • Lifetime Warranty – we will replace the unit free of charge

  • A massive reporting package covers all your needs for plant tracking

ABAX 24/7 Support

With our 24/7 Support, ABAX provides that extra insurance every company wants. You can get in touch whenever it suits you and your business, and we will be on hand whenever you need us.

In addition to the traditional phone lines and email, we also have a live chat function that is available in our interface if you need advice.

Want to know how we can help your business reduce risks, costs and admin time?

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