Did you know construction workers spend 38 hours annually looking for their tools?

No matter the size of your business the misplacement or loss of your assets can become a much higher cost than you would think. In average construction workers look for lost equipment 10 minutes every day. That makes 38 hours annually, hours of lost working time! 

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Did you know construction workers spend 38 hours annually looking for their tools?

Calling in when equipment is needed 

Receiving multiple calls about lost equipment from craftsmen is a major part of everyday work for a lot of managers. In most scenarios the whereabouts of that specific tool is unknown for both manager and craftsman 

The manager has to leave their office and their daily tasks to walk over to the warehouse to search for the tool requested. Not only is the equipment delayed but in most cases it is not found resulting in the purchase of a replacement. 

Seeking lost machinery and tools have negative impacts, loss in productivity and loss in potential revenue. A system that could provide positioning and maintenance details of all machines and tools, as well as including the company vehicle fleet is preferential, resulting in costs saved and the details to invoice customers correctly. 

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What is Equipment control? 

At ABAX we offer the  service called equipment control ABAX EQ. It is a low powered GPS enabled tracking device, with exchangeable battery for non-powered devices and also a wired unit that is excellent for powered machines that are equipped with a battery The device is rugged and can be fastened easily and efficiently. ​ 

The tracking unit has automatic failover to GSM positioning in cases where it is unable to acquire a suitable GPS signal for maximum reliability. 

Monitoring equipment that does not have an internal power source, such as containers, compressors, heaters and equipment in dead storage. The unit can operate for several years using an internal, long-life battery and special power-conserving configurations. 

Installation is easy either with a magnet jacket or solid mounting with a metal cage and no reversible screws.  

Plant Manager improved productivity by 33% 

UK customer JMC Construction use all ABAX-units to optimise the running of their business and it has most certainly paid off. Jo and her team are able to monitor their vehicles, reduce their insurance premium and increase productivity.

JMC Construction have recovered a stolen van, they are also able to locate and have a total overview on all of their machines and tools, improving productivity by 33% thanks to ABAX. 

Benefits for a construction company 

There are variations of hardware in our product line that also can provide you with real time data, this will end the endless search for equipment.

Did you know we can track both powered and non-powered equipment for you to get the overview of all your assets? 

  • Saves time and money on locating machines and tools 

  • Logistics value, keep track of machines and tools in storage and transit 

  • Get a better overview and control over the assets positions 

  • Events/notifications when the machines and tools have entered or left a defined geo-fence area 

  • API for integrating location based services into external backend systems 

  • ABAX EQ is easy to install and has several alternatives in order to fit your needs

  • Doing unnecessary maintenance or replacing parts that are not required is both counterproductive and costly 

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