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Kleemann is a part of the Wirtgen Group, an international group of companies and technological leader in the construction equipment industry. Kleemann uses innovation and focus on quality to deliver commercial benefit for the professional user, with mobile crushing and screening plants for the construction industry.

Supported ISO 15143-3 Data endpoints

  • Header information
  • Last Known Location
  • Operating Hours
  • Cumulative Fuel Used
  • Fuel Used in the Preceding
    24 hr*
  • Cumulative Distance Travelled
  • Cumulative Idle Hours
  • Fuel Remaining Ratio
  • DEF Remaining Ratio
  • Engine Condition
  • Average Daily Engine Load Factor
  • Peak Daily Speed
  • Caution Description*

Read more about the Data endpoints

How to connect your Kleeman machines to your ABAX account:

API update frequency
1x / 15 min

Required API credentials
Client key + Client secret

How to connect
Contact your local sales representative

Link to Wirtgen Group
WITOS FleetView

Get help
01733 698888
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