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Electric Vehicle Tracking

With the growing demand for sustainable travel electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Discover how ABAX can help you track your sustainable fleet

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With electric vehicles set to become the new normal many of us are asking questions around how to best manage these fleets. At ABAX, we’ve been focusing on electric fleets for some time and have already successfully installed thousands our clever black boxes into some of the biggest names in the industry and their electric fleets, from commercial vehicles to mopeds. We have discovered that the benefits to telematics in electric vehicles are very much the same as a conventional fleet. Should you want find out more then feel free to click the link below, and we will have one of our electric vehicle experts on a call with you very shortly.

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The benefits of ABAX vehicle tracking for your business

Live Location Reporting

For any fleet which is on the go, time is money and in today’s world it's possible to have next day, sometimes same day, deliveries as well as 30 minute food drop offs, therefore live location updates has never been more important. With ABAX you can access all of your fleet, whatever shape or size, with updates of their location available every 20 seconds on Google integrated maps.

Driving Behaviour

As much as the world is quickly trying to change what fuels our vehicles, there are still many unhealthy contributors to running a fleet and with ABAX Driving Behaviour you can keep an eye on exact driving performance. Simply by improving driving styles can lead to less vehicle maintenance, replacement of tyres and the parts to protect the driver behind the wheel.

Historical Data & Enhanced Reporting Suite

No matter what fuel the vehicle requires, some difficult questions and situations will never go away. Some of the questions you will face are: “Where is the driver” “You didn’t drop off my parcel then” “Your driver cut me up” “Your driver was speeding”. Whilst electric vehicles have made a significant impact on the world it still requires humans to man them. With a host of historical reports that you will have access to, the ABAX reporting suite will help you to better plan, inform and decide on how your fleet runs.

Telematics Tracking Installation

Watch the videos below to see how quick and easy our self-installation process is - saving you hundreds in additional costs of waiting for an installer and paying their day rates.

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Van Installation Video

To install an ABAX device to an electric van, please follow our installation video. If you are unsure please get in touch with our customer service team on 01733 698888.

Hybrid Installation Video

To install an ABAX device to an hybrid vehicle, please follow our installation video. If you are unsure please do not hesitate to call our customer service team on 01733 698888.

Tracking outside the UK

If your fleet travels overseas you will still be able to manage them, as our ​vehicle tracking technology works outside the UK. With the unit’s roaming SIM you can be sure the tracking unit is always connected to the strongest available network, so no map freezes or delay.

Easy to install

Each vehicle tracker takes just 10 minutes to install, this means you can save money on installation costs and add your tracker at a convenient time for you and your drivers. Watch our installation video here

Lifetime warranty

Our vehicle tracking units are compact, robust, water-resistant and comply with IP67. If it does ever break, we will replace it free of charge. Learn more here

Tracking when underground

Your fleet will likely find themselves travelling underground through tunnels, for example, and our ​vehicle tracking​ system continues to work seamlessly no matter where your drivers find themselves.

Vehicle tracking​ saves money

A ​vehicle tracker​ can help you save money over time, as you will reduce fuel consumption across your fleet and also save on maintenance and insurance costs. If you are anything like our average customer, expect to reduce your fuel bill by 18.5% by eradicating unauthorised trips, and save up to 30 minutes per employee, per day in over-reported timesheets.

What vehicles can benefit from tracking?

Our tracking units cover a wide variety of fleet vehicles to ensure every business can benefit from more efficient working. We can help you manage everything from cars to trucks, whatever industry your business resides in.

Van tracking

Whether you are managing a fleet of delivery drivers or tradesmen, our units can track vans wherever they are on the roads. Our units offer real-time flexibility, allowing you to quickly change routes if necessary or send your workforce to a job nearby. Mileage is also tracked, to ensure your business is compliant with HMRC requirements when it comes to claiming any miles travelled back.

Our units can also be used to recover stolen vehicles, as the GPS tracker pinpoints exactly where the vehicle is at any given moment. So, for example, should a company van within your fleet be stolen it can be located and the authorities notified.

Car tracking

If you have a fleet of drivers who use cars - whether that is a company car, private car or a commercial vehicle - one of our car trackers can be installed to monitor their driving and give you complete control. Our units can be installed yourself, which means you don’t need to worry about arranging timings for someone outside your business to visit and fit them.

Planning business trips becomes hassle-free when using our ​car trackers​ and you can check in where your employees are at any given time. All trips made by your fleet are logged automatically as standard, saving you and your employee’s time when it comes to calculating mileage.

Truck tracking

For those long-haul drives, see how your fleet is doing for time with our ​truck tracking​ units. These can be installed in your trucks and left to track everything from mileage to driver behaviour. Tracking your trucks with one of our units offers an extra level of safety for your drivers on longer trips, as you can monitor their behaviour and encourage them to take breaks when necessary. You can also ensure they are taking the most fuel-efficient route, saving money at the same time.

World-class service as standard

Whatever your vehicle tracking needs, ABAX offers only the highest quality service as standard. We offer a 24/7 support line that you can call should any issues arise and speak to a real person. If there any faults with your unit, we will replace this free of charge and our lifetime warranty on all devices comes as standard.