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"The Google integrated map updates every 60 seconds to show you how traffic is flowing and help your drivers choose the fastest route and squeeze in that extra profitable activity"

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How can fleet management software help your business?

Whether you’re sending out drivers to carry out deliveries or travelling to client’s homes to provide a service, an ABAX’s fleet management software can help. A fleet tracking system is an excellent resource for your business and offers a multitude of benefits that you can enjoy each and every day. Below, we’ve listed just a few examples of these:

You can have full control of route optimisation

With fleet management software, you can track where your drivers are and choose the closest ones to a new job. Simply search and re-route your nearest vehicles to emergency assignments and improve customer service by providing accurate delivery times. Fleet management allows your business to be flexible, keeping clients happy and costs low.

Enjoy live, real-time tracking

Get the complete fleet management experience with live vehicle location tracking, reports based on areas you create and the ability to replay any vehicles trips in the map. You can also divert drivers around bad traffic, pre-empting loss of productivity and ensuring your business continues to tick over as it should.

You can conserve fuel

A fleet tracking system can help you save money when it comes to fuel, as you can send drivers on more economical routes and encourage them to drive more efficiently. This results in less fuel being required and savings for the business.

You can track driver behaviour

Fleet management systems allow you to monitor driving behaviour, this means you can spot any trends and ensure drivers are navigating the roads in a safe manner. Our driver behaviour tracking comes as part of your fleet management system and allows you to check if your fleet is accelerating harshly or braking at the last moment and how often they go over the speed limit. This enables you to spot any issues and provide additional training for those drivers who may need it.

Fleet tracking can help increase productivity 

This benefit feeds nicely into driver behaviour, as drivers adopt safer practices and know that they are being monitored they are more likely to perform tasks efficiently, therefore, increasing productivity. With live fleet tracking and the ability to re-route drivers, you can also manage productivity and ensure your workforce’s time is used to its full capacity.

The device is compatible with all vehicle types

Our fleet management software runs via a device, installed on your fleet vehicles. This vehicle tracking device is easy to install and is compatible with all vehicle types. Whether you’re managing a fleet of large trucks, a handful of vans or a workforce that drive company cars each day, our device sticks to the windscreen, connects to the battery and can be installed yourself.

You can track miles

Know how far your drivers have gone with our fleet management software’s integrated mileage tracker. This helpful feature keeps a record of your mileage, compiling it into a report for you to use later when filling out those important claims forms for HMRC. All records are standardised, and your administration time is also reduced by an average of two hours per month!

Reduce risk and potential for accidents

When a vehicle tracking device is installed on a vehicle, those behind the wheel typically drive slower and within the speed limit, as they realise they are being monitored. This can help to reduce risk and improve the safety of your fleet drivers while out on the road.

Why should you choose ABAX fleet management tool?

Our units take only 10 minutes to install, so you save on installation costs and keep your fleet on the road. If you ever have an issue, call our free 24/7 support line and quickly speak to an actual person. If the issue is a fault with the unit, have peace of mind that we will replace it free of charge, as lifetime warranty comes as standard.

Think you can run your fleet any cheaper? Give us a chance to prove how you can! Our average fleet tracking solutions customer saves 18.5% on fuel costs, finds up to 30 minutes per employee, per day in timesheets and analyses driving behaviour for a safer, greener fleet that spends £22.30 less per vehicle, per month.

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