What Are The Benefits Of Tracking Driving Behaviour

Monitor driver behaviour with ease with the ABAX driver tracking system. Our device allows you to track how your drivers are navigating the road, reducing overall risk and ensuring company driving policies are being adhered to.

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Whether you’re managing fleet vehicles, trucks or pool cars, our driving tracking software does all the hard work, compiling data that you can check up on later.

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What are the benefits of driver tracking software?

ABAX Driving Behaviour gives you the insight you need to improve how your drivers use each vehicle day-to-day. A fleet that is driven efficiently and safely costs less overall in fuel and servicing, is greener and has fewer accidents. Here, we’ve featured the numerous ways your business can benefit from tracking driver behaviour day-to-day.

It saves you money

You can reduce those overall fuel costs, as driver tracking software encourages those behind the wheel to keep within the speed limit and accelerate and brake more efficiently. This will lower the amount you spend on fuel each month, as efficiency is improved. It should also reduce the cost of maintenance, as vehicles are driven correctly with no harsh braking, for example, wearing down brake pads or discs.

It can reduce risk and accidents

Tracking driver behaviour encourages your employees to navigate the roads in a safer manner. This means there is a significantly reduced risk of accidents which in turn will improve your insurance premium and how much you need to pay.

It highlights poor driving

Our driver behaviour tracking software allows you to check in on your drivers and ensure they’re complying with company policy. You can see if anyone is braking harshly or accelerating faster than necessary. With this service it will be easy to determine who is going over the speed limit more than others and speak to these individuals and curb this poor driver behaviour. Understanding and monitoring these aspects gives you the opportunity to better train those employees that need it and even save money in the future on fuel consumption and reduce the risk of accidents.

You’ll enjoy driver identification

Each of your vehicles is tracked and each driver has a unique ID’d. This ensures you can be certain who is behind the wheel at any given time of the day, as tracking occurs in real-time. The ABAX driving behaviour software also creates a summary of key driving performance factors to create a score for each driver. If drivers know they are being monitored and given a score this gives them a great incentive to improve their behaviour.

It can improve driver safety

With a reduced risk in accidents, this means drivers themselves are safer whenever they head out on a job. This offers peace of mind for you and your employees, as you can check at any time where they are and ensure they’re safe on the roads. You can see where they are, check-in if they’ve been stationary for a long time and ensure they’re doing okay wherever they are.

Track tool transfers between plants

If your tools have to travel between plants, it’s imperative that you have a means for tracking them. This ensures nothing is lost along the way and everything reaches its final destination as intended.

Aids in fleet management

Being able to track driver behaviour improves your overall fleet management, as you can check in on drivers in real-time and assist them with routes and point them towards jobs that are perhaps closer by. You can also check in on drivers and ensure their mental health is made a priority, our driver tracking software allows you to notice patterns or odd behaviours and ensure your workforce is taken care of.

It can encourage eco-driving

Driver behaviour tracking means you can manage where your fleet goes and how they drive, resulting in more economic routes and fewer emissions being emitted from vehicles. Drivers will also navigate the roads in a more fuel-efficient manner, as they are less inclined to speed and accelerate harshly. Our environment report makes it easy to get an overview of the emission of each vehicle in your fleet. This report will help you be able to see where to take action to reduce your fleets emission, which again will help you save fuel and maintain a greener fleet.

Our devices are easy to install

Our driving tracking software is very easy to install yourself, making it simple and quick to get out on the road and tracking your fleet. The driver tracking device simply sticks to the windscreen, connects to the vehicle’s battery and gets started straight away, tracking your drivers and keeping you updated.

State of the art hardware 

Our devices are simple to install and are extremely robust but small enough to be discreet on your vehicles. They are also water-resistant - compliant with IP67 - and come with a lifetime warranty so you can enjoy quality every day of the year.

You’ll enjoy easier, automated reporting 

Our driver tracking devices monitor and automatically compile reports to help you better manage your business. This can help when it comes to claiming mileage on your tax reports that are submitted to HMRC each year or if you simply want to take stock of how much fuel your fleet are consuming. Driver’s scores are also automatically generated and put into reports for you to review later - great for when you’re conducting those annual personal development reviews.

ABAX Driving Behaviour gives you the insight you need to improve how your drivers use each vehicle day-to-day. A fleet that is driven efficiently and safely costs less in fuel and servicing, is greener and has fewer accidents. Click the button below and receive a free demo that offers you a closer look at our products and how they can benefit your business.

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