John Deere

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API update frequency

1x / 24h

Required API credentials

No specific API credentials required

How to connect

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John Deere deliver easy-to-use technology and smart, connected machines in the agriculture and construction industries. The machines made to unlock economic value for the customer through the lifecycle in a sustainable way. John Deere Operations Center is an open platform enabling producers to connect with their preferred partners and software tools.

Supported ISO 15143-3 Data endpoints

  • Header information

  • Last Known Location

  • Operating Hours

  • Cumulative Fuel Used*

  • Cumulative Distance Travelled

  • Cumulative Idle Hours

  • Fuel Remaining Ratio

  • DEF Remaining Ratio

  • Cumulative Load Count*

  • Cumulative Payload Total*

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How to connect your John Deere machines to your ABAX account: