Track Hamm Construction Machinery

API update frequency

1x / 15 min

Required API credentials

Client ID + Client secret key

How to connect

Link to Wirtgen Group

Hamm is a part of the Wirtgen Group, an international group of companies and technological leader in the construction equipment industry. Hamm provides cost-effective, innovative solutions and specialises in road rollers and soil compactors for the asphalt construction and earthwork sectors.

Supported ISO 15143-3 Data endpoints

  • Header information

  • Last Known Location

  • Operating Hours

  • Cumulative Fuel Used

  • Fuel Used in the Preceding
    24 hr*

  • Cumulative Distance Travelled

  • Cumulative Idle Hours

  • Fuel Remaining Ratio

  • DEF Remaining Ratio

  • Engine Condition

  • Average Daily Engine Load Factor

  • Peak Daily Speed

  • Caution Description*

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How to connect your Hamm machines to your ABAX account: