ABAX launches greener and future-proofed IoT product line

IoT company, ABAX, has launched a future-proofed hardware product range to help businesses with fleet operations become smarter and more eco-friendly.

ABAX launhes greener and future-proofed IoT product line

Called ABAX6, the company says its new hardware series covers all types of assets and tracking needs that will support businesses looking to future proof their fleet monitoring and management.

Other benefits of the new series include:

  • Rechargeable batteries

  • Less power consumption

  • Components based on future-proofed technology

  • Local development and production of prototypes

Built for the future

Built on one global platform, ABAX6 provides a range of devices that can be easily connected to a customer’s private network and can deliver increased numbers of updates and connectivity from Bluetooth-enabled devices, giving customers a competitive advantage.

The new hardware has improved GPS signals and uses latest Bluetooth standard (BLe5) which increases the digital life of the devices. Built with sustainable components means devices meet future requirements today, for instance, when 2G is switched off, customers will not have to change devices.

In addition, increased battery life and the possibility of recharging some products in the product line will reduce EE waste, while less time will be spent on replacing devices for customers.

 “Our environmental strategy is designed for a more sustainable and efficient future for our customers – basically, helping them to achieve a simpler and more profitable day at work. It’s not just about helping customers manage their assets, it’s helping them to manage their business, says Bruce Atle Karlsen, CPO ”

The ABAX6 greener hardware family includes:

The new product line consists of a number of tracking units that cover everything a company may need to track and monitor all types of assets.

ABAX MINI2: The smallest tracking device – it can track a company’s smallest assets using Bluetooth.

ABAX6S: A multi-purpose GPS device - can track both vehicles and machines, and will replace ABAX's current best-selling product, ABAX5.

ABAX6L: Suitable for equipment that does not have its own power source - such as valuable containers and diesel tanks. The built-in battery has a long life and is rechargeable.

ABAX6U: A new wireless tracking device – this can be easily moved between cars connected via USB with or without a 12V adapter. Also suitable as a hub for tracking tools in a warehouse or construction site.

ABAX6M: A cutting edge tracking device for machines – capable of tracking as many as three usage logs simultaneously. A rechargeable battery keeps track of the position even when the machine is turned off.

RFID2: The first product in the series designed for driver recognition - the hardware has been developed  for companies  with a shared fleet, where drivers log on to a vehicle with a company  identity card or ABAX tag.

For more information
Visit our website -  ABAX.com/en/hw


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