ABAX UK showcases small tracking device for tools at Executive Hire Show

Elevate your asset management with ABAX’s small tracking device for tools

Anna Edwards

This February 14th-15th, join the ABAX UK team at the Executive Hire Show, a pivotal event showcasing the latest in the hire industry's innovations and technologies. As a leader in Smart Mobility solutions, we’re eager to demonstrate how our small tracking device for tools is transforming asset management, offering businesses critical insights into their fleets, machinery, and tool inventory —saving time, resources, and money for businesses across the UK.

Revolutionising asset management with ABAX’s small tracking device for tools

Understanding the complexities businesses face in tracking and managing assets efficiently, ABAX has developed cutting-edge small tracking devices for tools. Designed for easy self-installation, these devices minimise downtime and integrate seamlessly into daily operations.

Capable of being located via smartphones, these small tracking devices are pivotal in preventing loss, aiding recovery, and sending alerts when tools exit designated zones, all accessible through an intuitive platform.

Smart Inventory management benefits

ABAX Smart Inventory leverages our small tracking devices for tools to ensure vans are thoroughly equipped, and nothing is left behind or misplaced, potentially saving up to 38 hours per year per worker by reducing time spent searching for missing tools.

This innovative solution allows for building asset inventories, assigning inventory items to vehicles, and implementing mobile geofencing to receive proactive alerts for items left behind, thus minimising the risk of theft and accidental loss.

Renewed membership with Hire Association Europe (HAE)

Proudly, we announce the renewal of our membership with the Hire Association Europe (HAE), reaffirming our commitment to uphold the highest standards of excellence and innovation within the hire industry. This partnership grants us access to essential industry research, updates on regulations, and networking opportunities, ensuring ABAX remains at the forefront of industry developments and best practices.

Experience ABAX at the Executive Hire Show

We warmly invite you to our booth at the Executive Hire Show to discover the transformative impact of our small tracking device for tools. Our team will be on hand to provide live demonstrations, answer any questions, and discuss how our solutions can be customised to meet the unique needs of your business.

ABAX UK specialises in developing advanced solutions for asset tracking and management, with a keen focus on Smart Mobility to offer our customers valuable insights into their operations, helping to lower costs, improve sustainability, and manage businesses more intelligently.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see how ABAX’s small tracking device for tools can empower your business with effective asset management, ensuring readiness, security, and efficient utilisation of every tool in your inventory.

For more information, please visit us at https://www.executivehireshow.co.uk

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