Reduce admin, eliminate human error and guarantee compliance with ABAX Triplog

Today, let's get to grips with a tool that's reducing admin and eliminating human errors in fleet management: the triplog. This technology helps not just in meeting legal requirements but also in making your operations smoother and more efficient. Let’s break down what a triplog is, why you need it, and the benefits it brings to your fleet.

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Understanding a Triplog

Simply put, a triplog is a digital record that tracks every journey your vehicles make. It uses GPS to log details automatically—from where each trip starts and ends, to how far the vehicle travels and why (whether it’s for business or personal reasons).

Staying on the Right Side of HMRC

If your vehicles are used for business, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) needs you to keep detailed records. A triplog must record:

  • The date of each trip

  • Where each trip started and ended

  • The reason for the trip (business or personal)

  • The number of miles driven

  • The yearly total mileage of the vehicle

  • The vehicle’s registration number and the driver’s details

These details are crucial for staying compliant, especially if you’re ever audited. A digital triplog collects all this information automatically, making your life much easier when it comes to staying compliant.

Why a Triplog Makes Sense for Your Fleet

Simpler paperwork

One of the biggest pluses of using a digital mileage log, often know as a triplog, is cutting down on paperwork. Traditional ways of keeping track of mileage can be a hassle and often lead to mistakes. An automatic system takes care of all that, letting your team focus on more important tasks.

Accurate records

Manual logs are often filled out in haste and can have errors. Mistakes like these can cause problems with compliance and financial reporting. A digital triplog keeps precise records with no room for error, ensuring every journey is logged correctly.

Better fleet management

With a digital triplog, you can pull up detailed reports on how your fleet is being used at the click of a button. This not only helps with legal compliance but also gives you valuable insights. You can see where you might be able to cut down on journeys, save fuel, or use your vehicles more efficiently.

Why choose ABAX Triplog for your digital mileage log?

The ABAX Triplog is a great choice for a triplog because it sorts trips into business and private categories, making it easy to keep track of everything. With ABAX, all your trip data is easy to access and manage, which is really helpful when you’re being audited.


Putting a triplog system like ABAX into place can really transform how you manage your fleet. It helps you stay legal, cuts down on errors, and makes your operations more efficient.

If you're thinking about using a triplog, or if you have any questions about how to get started, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Here’s to easier and more effective fleet management!

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