Full visibility and peace of mind when it comes to the location of your valuable assets

With intelligent asset tracking solutions, you can add real value to your business, by increasing efficiencies, minimising risk and gaining full control, (and peace of mind) when it comes to your valuable assets.

Anna Edwards

Within our Smart Mobility Platform, there are two key offerings to help Fleet Managers effectively track and manage their assets – ABAX Locator and ABAX Smart Inventory.

ABAX Locator provides instant access to the real-time location of assets, vehicles, and your workforce.

If offers the following benefits:

  • Reduction in the value of insurance premiums and claims: Theft deterrence, a commitment to risk management, data-backed claims and increased recovery rates can all contribute to lower insurance costs.

  • Increased productivity: No more lost or misplaced tools that slow jobs down. Assets also no longer run the risk of getting mixed up between teams or vans.

  • No wasted time: Being able to pinpoint all assets using one intuitive user interface in minutes prevents disruption to project continuity, schedules and pricing strategies.

With ABAX Smart Inventory, you can be reassured that your vans are fully equipped. Your team will never leave a tool behind again!

It offers:

  • Effortless inventory control: Tools and equipment are tracked in real time through a Smartphone interface, ensuring that every asset is precisely where it should be.

  • Assigned tools to specific vans: Smart Inventory allows tools to be assigned to the correct vehicle. This saves fleets time ensuring they are always carrying the critical tools needed to carry out jobs.

  • Precise asset location: ABAX Smart Inventory provides instant, accurate asset location, enabling efficient retrieval for on-the-spot use.

  • Loss prevention: A comprehensive overview of asset whereabouts minimises the risk of unauthorised usage and proactive alerts are deployed if an asset departs from a designated zone.

  • Save up to 38 hours/year per worker: No more unnecessary trips to retrieve forgotten assets. ABAX Smart Inventory ensures teams always have the right tools when and where they need them, optimising productivity.

With real-time 24/7 visibility, our reliable tool and asset tracking solutions can be accessed via a unified, user-friendly system anytime, anywhere. That's Smart Mobility.

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