6 benefits of using Vehicle Tracking Software for rental vans

Managing a fleet manually is challenging as you would usually struggle to contact your drivers to know the location of all your vehicles. If this is the case, you must invest in vehicle tracking software for your van rental business. It gives you a detailed and accurate analysis of your rental vans' whereabouts and condition.

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The article is a complete guide on vehicle tracking software and its benefits for vans and LCV rental businesses.

What is Vehicle Tracking Software?

Vehicle tracking software is a comprehensive tool that allows vehicle operators to track and control vehicles via digital interfaces and devices such as computers, phones, tablets, etc. This real-time access to the vehicle location is available around the clock with the help of GPS satellites. Van rental businesses can use the software for tracking the history of vehicle speed, idling times, routes they follow, stopping times, and providing a registry with past and present records.

How Does Vehicle Tracking System Work?

Usually, vehicle tracking systems function with the combined integration of GPS, GPRS/GSM, digital maps, and software apps meant specially for tracking vehicles. The operators mount mobile data devices on vehicles to transmit information they get from satellites. These devices also transmit telemetric data including the engine temperature to the control and communication canters through GPS and GPRS networks. This information is then compiled by specialised tools. The operators can view this data on digital devices to visualise vehicle information interactively.

Real-Time Van Tracking

One of the most common uses of vehicle tracking software is telematics. Using the tool, the rental van operators can track the current location of all the vehicles. When you are managing a large fleet, using a vehicle tracking system becomes important. Businesses can monitor the actual location of the vans using GPS technology. Being able to map and monitor the current location of the vehicle means having better control over all the vehicles. You can easily know the vehicle that is closest to the job as well as the one that is sitting idle and avoiding the next job. Having real-time tracking means your driver will never get lost while on the job.

Better Security

Vehicles are certainly the most valuable asset for van rental businesses. Undoubtedly, these vehicles are often the targets for thieves. Even though most vehicles are insured against theft and burglary, any kind of unfavourable activity will cost you hours of valuable time and income while you can't operate to full capacity. The tracking system makes it possible to track the stolen vehicle around the country to ensure the authorities can track it as early as possible. Tracking the vehicle and the employees around the clock provides a safety net and protects you from lawsuits.

Customer Satisfaction

Real-time monitoring helps fleet managers to suggest the fastest route by mapping roads with less traffic. Not only it ensures less idle time on the roads but fastest fleet management. This enables the drivers to take more jobs which improves employee productivity and earns better ROIs in the long run. So, the customers don’t have to face slowdowns or delays due to traffic jams or roadside operations. Better customer satisfaction will result in better business opportunities as your content clients will keep coming back. Therefore, having a vehicle tracking system will allow van rental businesses to reduce idling and increase the total number of trips.

Driver Behaviour

Data that you gather through the rental van tracking system helps improve safety among drivers. By analysing this data, companies can identify trends and patterns and make decisions to make the roads, vehicles, and drivers safer. Data from the regular driving pattern such as abrupt turns, heavy braking, and idling can be used for scoring. This way, the drivers are encouraged to maintain and keep up the good behaviour. The driving behaviour data that the operators gather will help them re-train the drivers, in case their driving patterns and road behaviour is not good. Good behaviour of the driver will result in improving brand reputation and bringing in more customers.

Van Maintenance

The tracking systems can sometimes be programmed to read vehicle statistics such as engine temperature, overall fuel consumption, engine load, coolant state, and much more. Having these stats in front of you before the due date of your van maintenance will give you ample time for repairing and replacing the parts. When all your vans are running constantly on the roads, they become more vulnerable to partial or complete failure. Timely detection of mechanical faults can help avoid any unfavourable incident. You can repair or replace the parts before the fault worsens or any inappropriate situation strikes.

Safety & Compliance

Vehicle tracking systems are designed to track the log data about the vehicle so that rental businesses can make informed decisions. Having a tracking system in your rental van ensures better safety and compliance. Operators can take appropriate actions on finding anything unusual such as inapt driving habits, vehicle speed, and braking behaviour. With a vehicle tracking system installed on your vans, you can reduce the paperwork and maintain records digitally. Digital record keeping allows for better compliance as it helps manage data following industry standards. In many ways, the vehicle telemetric makes it easy to manage your business more transparently.

Integrate the Best Vehicle Tracking System for Rental Vans

By integrating a vehicle tracking system in all your rental vans, you can manage your business more efficiently. Want to power your rental vans with the best vehicle tracking system? Click below to learn more about ABAX Smart Mobility Solutions. The software improves fleet management and gives you a better control over all the rental vans while they are running on the roads.

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