6 benefits of using Vehicle Tracking Software for rental cars

Vehicle tracking software, on a basic scale, enables keeping track of rental vehicles in real-time. Other significant functions include analysing drivers’ behaviour, sending car maintenance reminders, accessing vehicle journey history, along with managing fuel levels.

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6 benefits of using Vehicle Tracking Software for rental cars

Helping car rental businesses maintain and track some of the most expensive assets – vehicles, these tools help prevent theft by sending instant alerts and notifications. The system provides in-depth reports in case of theft.

In this article, we will enumerate some of the most effective benefits of vehicle tracking software for cars. Let’s first understand how this software work.

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How Does Vehicle Tracking Software Work?

GPS (Global Positioning System) can be defined as a satellite-based navigating system. The system consists of satellites, receivers, and ground stations. When these GPS devices are installed in the system, they offer valuable insights into real-time data that include:

  • Location information

  • Vehicle speed details

  • Time and direction information

The information is provided with the help of the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) network. Using a wireless or cellular network, this data is transmitted to the base station. The technology paves new ways to make running the fleet more secure as well as smoother.

Why Vehicle Tracking is Important for Your Business?

Transportation technology is rising rapidly and GPS vehicle tracking systems are one such example. An efficient rental car tracking tool is an invaluable investment as car hire companies rely on a large number of vehicles, drivers, and machinery. With so many operational challenges, the transportation industry experience delays due to traffic jams, inappropriate driver experience, and much more. The tracking tools can develop alerts for reckless activities such as hard breaking, heavy acceleration, or excessive idling.

By having vehicle tracking software, rental car companies can overcome the challenges that they face while running the business. Installing these systems promotes a safety-first vehicle management approach.

Let’s now discuss some of the most efficient benefits of the vehicle tracking tool for rental companies.

Benefits of Car Tracking Software

Vehicle tracking tools are changing the way rental businesses use to handle fleet operations. The long-term advantages of vehicle tracking software are many, we will only discuss the main ones. The aim is to help you get an overall understanding of why you need to install a vehicle tracking system in your rental vehicles.

  • Real-time vehicle tracking

  • All-time car maintenance

  • Effective route planning

  • Accurate asset tracking

  • Safer driving

  • Lower insurance premiums

Apart from these some of the indirect benefits include no-hassle record keeping, better productivity, improved customer satisfaction, quick theft recovery, and 24X7 driver behaviour monitoring, to name a few.

Let’s understand the most crucial benefits in detail.

Real-Time Tracking

That’s something the vehicle tracking software is meant for. The tool simplifies car fleet management for rental businesses when operating large volumes of vehicles. Businesses can monitor the location and movement of all connected cars using GPS technology. When rental cars are powered with real-time tracking systems, both drivers and car hire companies get countless benefits. GPS tracking improves the profitability, productivity, and efficacy of businesses in many different ways.

Regular Car Maintenance

Whenever your car needs maintenance, the vehicle tracking system will alert you in advance so that you stay ahead of the due dates. The software allows you to ensure that all the vehicles servicing and MOTs are up-to-date which reduces any unforeseen repairs or costs. Rental vehicles that are well-maintained don’t usually burn much fuel since all the parts are in a good working state. Repairs and maintenance can be cost-intensive, but it gives you the confidence to operate at your best.

Effective Route Optimisation

Having tracking software in your rental car when driving on the new route will allow you to find efficient and shorter routes. This reduces downtime and increases your productivity which in turn results in saving fuel costs. All this will lead to a better business reputation. Analysing the best route by determining the traffic data in real-time help rental businesses and drivers make informed decisions. This results in minimising delays during the fleet and maximising customer satisfaction.

Accurate Asset Tracking

When you have access to the real-time location of all vehicles, tracking assets becomes easier. In case any of the assets in the vehicle gets stolen or lost, the tracking software allows for instant information retrieval. Several systems also allow the monitoring of fuel levels. The vehicle tracking software plugs directly into the port in the rental car and enables recording engine data automatically. The tool can then capture information such as engine load, fuel consumption, coolant temperature, etc. and shares it with the rental management team.

Better, Safer Driving

The efficient and reliable vehicle tracking software allows businesses to monitor and improve the way the drivers handle rental cars. Tracking your rental cars precisely will allow you to ensure that all the drivers are driving the vehicle. It allows you to ensure that your drivers are sticking to the prescribed and the best possible routes. You can determine the drivers are not riding the vehicle for extended hours. Plus, it ensures that the employees are paid accurately.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance is expensive, but buying and maintaining it all the time protects you from many unforeseen financial expenses. Having a GPS tracking system in your car can save you from paying higher premiums as safety feature integration reduces insurance costs. The reason for lower premiums is that rental cars fitted with tracking equipment are more likely to be recovered in case of theft. Data gathered through these systems simplify accident claims and avoid an unnecessary lawsuit that can otherwise cost you money.

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Car rental companies will benefit hugely from vehicle tracking software in many viable ways.

So, what are your waiting for?

Improve your vehicle safety by monitoring its location 24X7 with an accurate vehicle tracking tool. For effective vehicle tracking, get ABAX Telematics and Smart Mobility Solutions in your rental cars. Not only does the software simplifies vehicle tracking and employee activities, but it also facilitates safer journey and customer satisfaction to a large extent.

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