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Easily manage your entire mixed fleet from a single platform, while cutting back on admin. ABAX Fleet Management helps your business save you time and money.

How can ABAX Fleet Tracking System Benefit Your Business?

Are you transporting goods or driving to locations to provide services to your customers? Provide your team the peace of mind and the security for your van fleet with GPS technology. A van tracking system lets you keep an eye on the things that matter, whenever you need to access it.  

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Benefits of ABAX Van Tracking Solution

Improve efficiency & productivity

Enhance productivity and reduce fleet costs 

As your drivers adopt better driving practices, your business will see the improvement in fuel consumption, reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) like service, maintenance and repair costs, and lower insurance premiums. Live fleet tracking can help you tackle challenges as they happen, monitor routes to optimise efficiency and ensure your workforce is always at peak capacity.   

Theft recovery: Get your assets back if stolen

24/7 monitoring for maximum security 

It’s not just about the vans themselves, but the contents inside them that’s valuable to you, and unfortunately theft of vehicles and assets have huge financial impact. Mitigate against costly replacements of vans, parts and assets with van tracking that you can rely on. Live tracking technology adds an extra layer of surveillance wherever your vans may be, at any time, so you can find their location instantly or get an immediate alert if an asset has left a pre-defined area unexpectedly.  

GPS location data: Track vans, drivers and goods in transit

Locate your van fleet wherever they are 

Allocate jobs based on your vans’ locations to boost operational efficiency and cut idle time. Centralise your fleet with accurate information on the whereabouts of your vans and keep up to date with team timings – making mobility smarter. Whether your vans are in transit or parked up, get an accurate usage report by each driver with our Driver ID functionality. And if your need proof of delivery for valuable goods, our system can help here too. 

Driver behaviour: Take score of behaviour

Improve safety and reduce fleet risks with van tracking 

You’re not just tracking the fleet location; you can accurately check on how your drivers are behaving and see how it impacts on profitability. Included in the ABAX fleet management system, monitor closely how often your drivers are braking too harshly, accelerating too quickly or are being unsafe on the road. You can even gamify driving performance with the league table based on driving behaviour

You can have full control of route Mobile app: track your whole fleet on the go

Our intuitive APP provides instant access  

Connect from any mobile phone for instant van tracking. Visualise everything ABAX tracking systems have to offer from the comfort of wherever you are. In one single app, monitor your entire fleet with ABAX Driver App and ABAX Admin App. No hardware installation costs or downtime.     

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Tracking outside the UK

If your fleet travels overseas you will still be able to manage your assets, as our ​vehicle tracking technology works outside the UK. With the unit’s roaming SIM you can be sure the tracking unit is always connected to the strongest available network, so no map freezes or delay.

Easy to install

Each vehicle tracker takes just 10 minutes to install, this means you can save money on installation costs and add your tracker at a convenient time for you and your drivers. Watch our installation video here

Lifetime warranty 

Our van tracking units are compact, robust, water-resistant and comply with IP67. If it does ever break, we will replace it free of charge. Learn more here 

Tracking when underground 

Your van fleet will likely find themselves travelling underground through tunnels, for example, and our unique back-up system will keep track of your vans’ information even when the unit loses its GPS signal. 

Van tracking saves money 

An ABAX van tracker can help you save money over time, as you will reduce fuel consumption across your fleet and also save on maintenance and insurance costs. If you are anything like our average customer, expect to reduce your fuel bill by 18.5%, your insurance costs – by 64%, and your SMR costs – by 62% (according to an AA Fleet study). 

How can ABAX Fleet Tracking System Benefit Your Business?

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Implement more than just savings for your vans, as our construction telematics solutions can also track and manage plant, machinery, tools and mobile non-powered assets!