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ABAX Smart Connect - in a nutshell

ABAX Smart Connect is a web portal that has been created exclusively for fleet managers tasked with supporting a mixed fleet. Our innovative one-login gateway allows for the simple management of a diverse range of factory-installed telematics devices with just one user-friendly dashboard.

Why your customers will benefit from ABAX Smart Connect

A one-pane view improves visibility, productivity, and decision-making.

  • One interface
  • Environmental report
  • Geofence for the whole fleet on a project
  • Maintenance, location and schedule
  • Verifying work hours
  • All brands in one map
  • Fully ISO 15143-3 compliant
  • Machines, tools and vehicles

One project environmental report

The ABAX Environmental Report within Smart Connect will collate information from multiple assets, tools, plant and vehicles within a mixed fleet – from various OEM’s. Through monitoring accurate emissions, customers can achieve true transparency when it comes to the green credentials and sustainability initiatives of a project of their entire mixed fleet – in one report.

  • Operating hours including idling
  • Compare fuel used between model and make
  • Average fuel use
  • Total CO2 emission on a department or project

Multiple brands within one APP

With just one set of login credentials, customers can view the live location of ALL assets within their fleet, regardless of the OEM – on one live map, while data from each can be retrieved by running just one report. What’s more is that all this information can be accessed from a mobile device.

One jobsite geofence only

Geofencing just became simpler with Smart Connect. By creating just one geofence around job sites that house a mixed fleet, customers can quickly view just how many assets are on site. Through setting up custom notifications, you will be alerted immediately if any asset leaves the area unexpectedly – detecting theft and aiding recovery.

Monitor and manage maintenace

The ABAX cloud solution will be a game changer for your customers, allowing them to manage and better plan all maintenance tasks in one interface. This means that upcoming services will never be missed, extending the life of valuable assets and reducing the cost and environmental impact of replacing these items

  • Service planning
  • Locate all company assets
  • Inspection (MOT) report
  • Track exact usage

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