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ABAX - Connectivity and Digitalisation made easy

ABAX is the second-largest telematics company and one of the largest IoT companies in Europe. Telematics is the art of connecting mobile and distributed assets and is one of the fastest-growing IoT segments.

We develop our own line of hardware, firmware and software; tied together in an open platform, that allows other sensors to connect and collect data through the ABAX Global Network.

ABAX provides an innovative end-to-end platform to support digitalisation and automation for our customers. Hosted and born in the cloud, we are always available.

Innovation, sustainability and enthusiasm are at the core of the experience our customers have with ABAX. ABAX solutions continually help our customers run their businesses smarter and healthier, making it easy for them to improve efficiency, comply with legislation, and increase profitability.

ABAX is at the forefront of telematics, with a proven track record of attracting happy and innovative customers. We have a fast-growing customer base of 35,000, and more than 350,000 subscriptions within our IoT Network.

- Morten Strand, CEO ABAX

Financial Calendar

Quarter 2 Report31st August, 2021
Quarter 3 Report30th November, 2021
Quarter 4 Report28th February, 2021

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