ABAX Driver ID

Operating a fleet shared by multiple drivers?

ABAX Driver ID is an essential service for companies that operate vehicles shared by multiple drivers. By identifying which driver is in what vehicle, ABAX Driver ID will help you get the additional control, accountability and compliance you need to manage your pool fleet.

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How Driver ID will increase efficiency within your fleet

ABAX Driver ID will ensure all driver and vehicle data is conveniently logged according to local requirements helping you to become organised to give you real-time control over your live map, trips, driving behaviour data and reports. Choose between the included app version or upgrade to the RFID reader hardware for addition compliance.

HMRC Compliance

All trip data required by HMRC is accurately logged and associated to the individual driver and vehicle

Trip without a driver alarm

If a trip is detected without a driver, the in-vehicle RFID reader will bleep until log on has been completed.

Digital Timesheets

Reduce administrative workload with digital timesheets and working hours for each driver.

Digital Mileage Claim

Rest assured that business mileage logs for your drivers and pool fleet are paperless, compliant and auditable.

Easy to use

The ABAX Driver APP will automatically scan for nearby available vehicles - when you find the one you want - log on will one click.

Driving Behaviour

Monitor individual driver behaviour in your shared vehicles and promote safe and efficient driving.

Included in ABAX Access

Easy to log on using the app

A personal registration is easily done from our app and the Driver ID services included in the ABAX Access package. The ABAX Driver APP helps your driver quickly choose between all available company vehicles from the vehicles list, with the nearest vehicles shown on top.

For advanced users

Ensure log on by using hardware

For a more advanced solution we have developed a RFID-reader. The hardware will ensure that the driver logs on by using their company issued RFID card or an ABAX tab. If vehicle movement is detected without a registered driver the hardware will blink and beep to remind the driver to log on.

Who is the best driver?

Add driving behaviour to the agenda

Encourage safe and responsible driving behaviour with fleet monitoring - our personal driving coach will give tips to improve the individual driving style within your fleet.

  • More efficient use of your vehicles
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • A more sustainable fleet
  • Fewer accidents
  • Lower maintenance costs and less wear and tear

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The Driver App

Download ABAX Driver App to utilise Driver ID and manage your day-to-day field operations.