ABAX Driver ID

ABAX Driver ID is an essential add-on for companies that operate vehicles that are shared by multiple drivers.

By identifying which driver is in which vehicle, ABAX Driver ID will help you get the additional control, accountability and compliance you need to manage your pool fleet.

When a driver switches to a new vehicle, they simply log on by using an in-vehicle RFID reader or our app. All driver and vehicle data is then conveniently logged and organised to give you instant control over your live map, trips, driving behaviour data and reports.

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RFID 2.0

How can ABAX Driver ID increase control and compliance over your pool fleet?

HMRC Compliance

All trip data required by HMRC is accurately logged and associated to the individual driver and vehicle.

Digital Timesheets

Reduce administrative workload with digital timesheets and working hours for each driver.

Digital Mileage Claim

Rest assured that business mileage logs for your drivers and pool fleet are paperless, compliant and auditable.

Easy To Use

Log-on using our app or utilise your existing company RFID cards and our in-vehicle RFID reader.

Driving Behaviour

Monitor individual driver behaviour in your shared vehicles and promote responsible, safe and efficient driving.

Driver Accountability

Allocate speeding, accidents and other motoring offences against the correct driver.

Easy Installation

Mount the non-invasive in-vehicle RFID reader to the vehicle dashboard in seconds.

Driverless Trip Alarm

If a trip is detected without a driver, the admin receives a notification and the in-vehicle RFID reader bleeps until log on has been completed (max 120s).

Who is the most efficient driver of your pool fleet?

Using ABAX Driver ID on your shared vehicles will allow you to monitor individual driving trends to promote responsible, safe and efficient driving. Reduce your fleet related costs and get complete real-time visibility of who is driving each vehicle and how. With ABAX Driving Behaviour you get the following benefits:


- Improved fuel efficiency

- Reduced servicing costs and wear and tear

- Fewer accidents

- Lower insurance premiums

- Optimised fleet management

- A green efficient fleet

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