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ABAX tracking helps steelworks business improve time management and cut back on admin

With over 70 employees working across two sites, Huntingdonshire-based Spirotech Group has teamed up with ABAX to help increase the efficiency of its business.

With site teams travelling around the country in vehicles carrying expensive steel and other materials, the company’s Google search for solutions to assist with time management, better driving behaviour and enhancing the customer experience led to ABAX.

The tracking and monitoring solutions now being used by the business also gives it the opportunity to accurately monitor time sheets, and cross reference or address any discrepancies.

By using ABAX, there has also been a reduction in the amount of manhours taken to plan for servicing and maintenance.

Reports are created every month providing information on everything from hours and mileage to servicing and maintenance, as well as reminders for upcoming MOT and Tax. The system also generates reports on the average usage of machines which helps plan for scheduled maintenance, something the company says has also led to better time management.


Spirotech Group’s Chris Wallwein said:

“ABAX solutions allow us to ensure the site teams are where they should be, and to be there on time. The system also allows us to monitor driving behaviour to ensure our vehicles are being driven safely and legally. Matching up the time sheets alongside the tracking information, whether drivers have done less or more, helps us to cross reference any discrepancies. We also use the service notification feature which adds to the time efficiency and safety of the business and our vehicles.”

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