Driving Behaviour

Why Is Driving Behaviour Beneficial For A Business?

The new Driving Behaviour feature helps companies save costs and become more profitable.

The tool provides insight into how drivers can drive smarter and more efficiently to save money and the environment. By registering harsh acceleration, harsh braking and harsh left and right cornering, driving can be analysed and improved by notifying the driver, to encourage improvement. In addition to savings, this will reduce the vehicles wear and tear, potentially reduce the risk of accidents and ensure that driver’s safety is taken care of.

Branded Cars Are More Recognisable

You’ve probably been annoyed with cars sneaking in front of you even though there is really no space. They, of course, have to brake immediately to adjust to the position of the car in front, which again leads to you having to brake. Branded cars with company logos are even more noticeable in traffic when they are driving frantically, which can be a decisive factor for a customer choosing a supplier at a later stage. In other words; it is important for any company not to stand out in a negative manner.

With Driving Behaviour, you get a summary of key information about how the company's drivers are driving. In this way, it is possible to improve driving, as well as encourage safe and secure driving, which in turn can improve the company's reputation.

Relaxed Drivers Perform Better

Driver's mental health is a recurring theme. Driving Behaviour is not the solution to this challenge, but it can be a tool that can help provide signals that something is wrong. Increasing levels of negligent driving can be a sign that something is “a bit off”. Why not talk to the driver if you sense something is not as it should be? It always makes a big difference to talk to your employees regardless of whether there are danger signals or not. It shows that you care. The Driving Behaviour score can act as a catalyst to get the conversation started, which in some cases can help your employees to vent their problems and thereby get rid of the dark shadow surrounding them.

Why Not Make A Competition Out Of It?

Gamification can encourage drivers to improve their driving, and scoring in the system, in a way that does not feel like a bother. The better the driving, the higher the score. Who delivers the best score each week or month? And who improves most from time to time? For example, by arranging an event and a gathering each month where the score of every driver is compared, you can make this a fun activity and to further motivate your employees, to in turn encourage more efficient and greener driving.

But remember; the actual driving itself is not a game. It’s not Gran Turismo we’re playing ?

Ultimately, it is very important to emphasise that Driving Behaviour should in no way be used to monitor the drivers. The drivers must be allowed to do their job in peace without the boss spying.

Drive safe!