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What if you could create a better city, starting today?

We’ve heard about smart cities for a long time now – but most cities are still not “smarter” than their politicians and administrators’ choices. It’s strange – because the data to do smarter is there.

Smarter cities are a no-brainer. They spend more money on essential services instead of overconsumption and inefficiencies, and they are a facilitator for green change. When I was a politician, this would have been music to my ears! 

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Easier said than done, you may say. Well, I actually think it’s easier done than you may think. Because the telematics data to help us become a whole lot smarter and sustainable is there.

Let’s use vehicles as an example.

One of the largest capital investments for a municipality. Through smarter and more careful driving one could reduce the need for new investments, as well as opex.

A Norwegian municipality with 50,000 citizens own, lease or rent approximately 350 vehicles. If we could reduce the need for 10% of these, that would release a staggering NOK 3,5 million every year, for that municipality alone!

Emissions saved? It could be as much as 1,5 tons per car, a whooping 52,5 tons a year.

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A municipality is also a sizeable construction company, with any number of small and large construction machinery. The benefits of tracking both location and usage of these machines are enormous – both when it comes to savings in planning, usage and emissions.

Statistics from Oslo show that the annual emissions from construction machines alone was 70,000 tons.

Studies also show that 5% of the smaller tools disappear from Norwegian construction sites annually. In other words, knowing where your equipment is makes sense both from a financial and a sustainability point of view. 

The same example could for instance be used with the health sector, where better control over the expensive equipment potentially could save tons of money.

Smarter cities and municipalities are within reach – just start using telematics data!

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