What To Consider When Buying An Electronic Vehicle Tracker

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You might wonder about the possibilities of an electronic vehicle tracker, and what supplier to choose. Here are some aspects you should think about.

As with all purchases of a service or a product, also when buying a GPS-based vehicle tracker, you should think about what perks are the most important to you. Many of the suppliers offer the same kind of services, but there are small variations worth noticing.

In addition to GPS-tracking on your mobile phone through an app, there are two variations of a GPS-based vehicle tracker:

  • A unit that is connected to the car battery
  • A unit that is connected to the OBD-port

The biggest advantage of having a vehicle tracker that is connected to the vehicle is that all trips will be registered independent of who is driving the vehicle.

When using a GPS-unit that is connected or mounted to the car, it is ideal that it is in clear view of the sky. On-board diagnostic units (OBD) are connected to the OBD-port underneath the car, and can be problematic when it comes to getting the correct GPS-signals. With a unit that is connected to the car battery the possibilities of where you want to mount the actual unit are a lot wider. Both solutions are easy installable, and can be done yourself.

In addition to the type of unit that is required, there are some other things to consider:

  • What kind of customer support is there? And when is it available?
  • What kind of customer base does the provider have?
  • Is the system and provider a serious player?
  • What is the cost, and what are you actually paying for? Are there hidden costs?

You probably have some specific preferences for your company, and the fact is either way, you always get what you are paying for. Our suggestion to you is to get to know the different providers and their offers, so that you make sure there are no surprises.

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