Watch out for the 2021 telematic trends!

A number of industries experienced challenges and opportunities in 2020. Here is what to expect when it comes to telematic trends in 2021! 

Improve routes and optimisation more important than ever 

In 2020, e-commerce exploded among consumers, and thus it was an all-time high for transport and logistics companies. The winners of the race were the companies who already had well established delivery routines in place. Not to forget, all the companies who were able to turn around quickly and satisfy the customers' new, sky-high service requirements. 

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The telematic industry expects that the effect and changes the pandemic has brought upon us in terms of increased e-commerce and increased demands on transport companies will continue in 2021.  It is also reason to believe that efficient routes and optimization solutions offered by the telematics industry will be more important than ever for both small and large transport and logistics companies in the future. 

More details of historic trips in map
Improve routes by analyzing historic trips

Increased service demands towards Telematics companies 

In 2020, it became increasingly challenging to arrange physical meetings. Nonetheless, clients still expect the same level of service and attention. This also applies to the Telematics industry, where several companies now invest in digital meetings and video conferences and improve Customer Service opening hours. arrange productive, high-quality digital meetings to assist our customers the best possible way. This is a trend we expect to continue in 2021. 

New way of looking at Telematics 

As entire workplaces, cities and countries closed down in 2020, more and more people have tried out and mastered new, digital meeting platforms such as Teams. The threshold for becoming curious about and familiar with Telematics solutions has been lowered at the same time. People have simply discovered that relatively simple technical solutions can offer great benefits that make our work day and businesses more efficient. 

In 2020, telematics became more important than ever in many industries. We offer solutions that help you digitize daily operations, optimize delivery routes for deliveries and not least - allow you to manage your transport business from your home office! 

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McKinsey recently published figures* showing that e-commerce had a 10-year growth over a 3-month period in 2020. Still, customers demand to get our goods faster than ever before. The question is, what does such an increase in freight volume do to our environment? With Telematics you can measure entire fleet's emissions, reduce vehicles' idling and maker smarter route planning so that fuel consumption gets down to a minimum.Telematics will play an increasingly important role in the future - not only when it comes to assisting new electric fleets, but also in companies that are concerned with making their traditional fleet maximum green. 

The future is here - a change from 4G to 5G network 

In 2020, we experienced a partial switch from 4G to 5G networks in many places and countries. This development may indicate that the year 2021 will be the year when European telematics providers decide whether to proceed with upgrades from 3G to 4G. The lifespan of a telematics unit is five years +, and the units are usually installed in a long-term perspective. 

Companies resume investments and investments 

In 2020, we witnessed many transport and logistics companies cutting back on investments and projects, or even putting them on hold altogether. The start-up of various vaccination programs in 2021 has created positive hopes in many industries. Thus, it can be expected that companies will resume investment plans concerning fleets and telematics products in order to streamline and optimize operations and get their ROI in 2021. 

Two words that describe the evolution of people's way of living in 2020 in a very good way, are efficiency and automation.


People did not waste time traveling, video conferences were held. One did not waste time commuting, one created home offices. Last but not least – one didn’t bother wasting time going to the store, one ordered goods online. 

As we approach the end of the pandemic, some of our ways of living and working probably will go back to normal. Nevertheless, when it comes to efficiency and automation, there is reason to believe that we will adapt some of the changes that have affected our lives in 2020 permanently. Not only through 2021 but for the future. 



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