Trip Stop Report

Trip Stop Report for Fleet Managers

Do you wish to have more control over your delivery services? Want to see when, where and for how long each vehicle stopped between journeys, to streamline drop off and collections? Then analysing your Trip Stop Report will be highly valuable to your business!  

What is a Trip Stop report? 

The Trip Stop Report tells a fleet manager how long a vehicle has stopped in any given location. It is available for companies with corporate vehicles and allows you to analyse business trips only. Below is an example of how personal trips are recorded; to remain GDPR compliant private journeys addresses are never recorded.   

How can it be used? 

To improve trip/journey efficiency, you should assess the duration of your trips and how long the vehicle spent at either end of the journey. When you understand how long drivers spend at key locations, you can then manage and plan their route schedules as well as streamline the stops, potentially shortening the length of each stop.  

Trip Stop insight can also be used to invoice services because you have accurate details of arrival and departure times and length of duration on a specific site.  

Trip monitoring provides better safety for you and your workers. This also helps you to identify, and distinguish between, business trips and private trips done with corporate vehicles.  

Smart monitoring 

It is common for fleet managers to feel as though they are not in control of what happens with their fleet out on the road. Most often, managers set policies and conduct training so that their drivers perform their job in an efficient and safe manner. However, it is difficult to know if policies are being followed out in the field. Sometimes it takes a bad customer review to be reported before you realise things are not running as intended.  

Analysing the details of your fleet’s trips, provides you with reliable and measurable insight that will help you understand the day-to-day movements of your fleet so that you can make better informed decisions.    

It is the duty of the fleet manager to optimise performance and minimise costs of the vehicles. We help our customers become more profitable by giving them an overview of their vehicles that they need to have, in order to perform better. We call this smart monitoring.  

Trip Stop in practice  

Our customer is a recycling and waste business that excavates and moves waste. The owner wanted to monitor how long the drivers spend offloading the waste at the garbage dump. He used the Trip Stop Report to help him understand exactly how long each dumping job takes to complete. He could see that some jobs took half the time of others. Using this information, he was able to implement training and set goals with his drivers to optimise the time spent offloading and has since been able to improve this process to move more waste per day and increasing his business profitability. 

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