Transport Businesses Enhanced By GPS Fleet Tracking

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The Hill Company

The largest privately owned records management company in the UK, The Hill Company, have implemented ABAX Triplog vehicle tracking into their entire fleet of delivery lorries in order to deliver professional data management to their portfolio of customers.

Thousands of miles are driven daily by transport organisations, which involves delivering goods on time and offering world class customer service throughout. Implementing a GPS tracking system into the fleet of transport vehicles enables businesses to spend time and effort on more profitable tasks within the company.

Locate Vehicles In Real-Time

GPS tracking enables transport businesses to locate the whereabouts of their vehicles in real-time as they travel up and down the country. The fleet of vehicles can be monitored on a live digital map, in turn giving the fleet manager full visibility of their fleet.

Ryan Brazier, Director of The Hill Company said: “Having utilised ABAX software for a full 8 months, we find the system user friendly and are impressed that the GPRS in the tracking units is constantly updated every 30 seconds, giving us pin point locations for all of our vehicles. This is vital for us as a business as we transport secure documentation for our clients across the UK.”

“A feature that is new to us with this software is that we can view all trips in one screen, this saves us time when we are checking off our routes throughout the day. The most helpful part of the software for us as a business is being able to use Google Maps within the ABAX software. This assists the transport department in viewing delivery and collection locations prior to the driver arriving onsite and allows them to pass on vital parking and service information.”

Gain Full Control

Having control over all vehicles that are out on the road network daily is extremely important for a transport department. ABAX Triplog provides detailed and scheduled reports at a time when the fleet manager requests, to provide the information that is needed regarding the fleet of vehicles.

Ryan Brazier said: “The Transport department continually look at the traffic reports to ensure our services are not delayed. The reports give us the opportunity to redirect our drivers on an alternative route to ensure we meet our client’s expectations.”

Ensure The Best Customer Service

Failure to deliver goods on time could have a negative impact on customer relationships and could result in legal consequences. GPS tracking systems ensure that shipment of the goods to the recipient occurs in the shortest possible time, with the best customer service possible. 

Customers of ABAX on average achieve a 10% reduction in their overall vehicle running costs, and fuel costs drop by an average of 20%.