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Top 5 challenges as a fleet manager

There are multiple tasks on the desk of a fleet manager including many problems that might occur during a regular day at work. What solutions may ABAX provide to help you become efficient?

1. I can’t find my tools  

Did you know that lost equipment can make up to 14% of your total labour costs? A manual search can also be very time-consuming, time spent looking is not efficient and a big time thief. In many cases the tool is not stolen, it was just left behind on the previous job or someone borrowed it for their private projects.

ABAX equipment control will end your search for both tools and equipment of any size, our data will look for you, the details are brought to your mobile or PC. There you can see its location. Setting up a geofence will reduce concerns about the equipment left at the plant. You will get notified when your assets are moving from the preferred set geofenced area. 

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2. Who is the rightful owner of the speeding ticket?

Getting speeding tickets and not knowing which driver to charge? With ABAX triplog you will monitor more than vehicle tracking. ABAX has developed a set of great reports giving you easy access to historical data on speed, time, location along with the driver details. You design your own dashboard by adding the widgets most relevant for your business to give extra easy access, making it easier to take the correct action.

There are a number of measures you can adopt in order to decrease speeding tickets, or hopefully eliminate them altogether. By monitoring the driving behaviour among your employees you will be able to identify high-risk drivers and increase the fleet safety. As an administrator using ABAX Driving Behaviour you will be provided with the company average driver score, a score the employee can also access themselves on an individual level. Therefore this data can be used as backdrop for a 1 on 1 meeting.

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Multiple drivers? No problem

ABAX Driver ID will make the task of finding the rightful owner of the ticket easy, it will eliminate assumptions, and give facts. The RFID-reader in your fleet will encourage your employees to log on during a trip, a signal will alert the driver it they forget to log on. Logging on is easy with the ID-card or with a tag provided by ABAX. 

The Admin APP give you a great overview on both vehicles and equipment

3. Feels like someone is stealing business hours? 

Having a birds eye view of your fleet enables you to allocate resources. With live Google maps  you can schedule and improve shifts and prevent employee time theft. Knowing when your employees are ready for the next task and seeing how to avoid  traffic jams to get there is not only profitable it is also great for customer service. Using the data will help you save your hard-earned money by preventing time theft among your staff. 

  • Locate your vehicles in real-time. 
  • See whether your vehicle is moving, ready for new task or idling
  • Data on engine start and stop time
  • Driving behaviour will give you good action points

4. Expensive and inconvenient maintenance

A proactive approach to maintenance on both machinery and vehicles will decrease the risk of compromising the safety of your employees, it is more economical than unplanned repairs needed at the last minute. Our usage log will make it easier to schedule maintenance based on the actual hours the equipment has worked. The log is to be found within the “Equipment Details” page and will monitor hours of usage, service interval and accumulated usage at last service as well as total usage time. 

Do you know how many hours of work your machinery can do before it’s time for a service? Our usage log can help you schedule service and preventive maintenance for the whole plant. With automated and accurate data you will be able to process and forecast maintenance using real time telematics. At the same time your employees will be protected. Rental businesses can charge accurate operating hours that may bring in extra revenue with improved invoicing.

What car needs to be serviced next?

Your vehicle fleet is one of your most important assets and a vehicle off the road can result in hours and revenue lost, with potentially a longer wait for your customers. Additional vehicle details can be recorded allowing you to monitor and manage your servicing, leasing, insurance and vehicle inspection (MOT) requirements in one system. The data will make it easy to create a service plan.  Adding these details will be valuable for scheduling upcoming services so you never miss a date!

How much will you save?

Take our ROI-calculator on a test drive and we will give the figures!

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5. Difficult gaining control from home or on the road?

As an administrator it is often difficult to have an overview of hours, especially when you are on the go. Our ABAX admin app gives you instant location and status information about your fleet anywhere, any time. Both real-time and historic information is perfect for busy owners or fleet managers desiring fewer admin hours. Increase accountability and safety with your fleet of assets helping manage your workforce effectively


  • Real-time location and movement for your vehicles, machines, and tools
  • Live status for vehicles - parking, idling or driving
  • View and search in historical trips 
  • Intelligent search function in the result list
  • Get directions and navigate to your assets 
  • Live traffic overlay and satellite view