Reduce downtime of vehicles

Tips to Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Operating a fleet of vehicles isn’t always straight forward, with having worries over vehicle maintenance and repair costs being the number one reason that fleet managers in UK’s small and medium-sized businesses lose sleep. 

The statistics show that a business loses £800 in work for each day a van is off the road, with Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) operators estimating that each of their vans spend four days a year in the garage. Can your business afford to lose an average of £3,200 in revenue for each vehicle that you have, per year? The answer is probably not! 

We’ve put together some tips to help reduce the downtime on your vehicles:

1.    Conduct daily vehicle checks
It is important to carry out daily vehicle checks on company vehicles, in order to identify and resolve issues quickly. Addressing issues swiftly, can enable simple fixes to be carried out and mean that more serious problems can be avoided. This will in turn reduce longer-term downtime and lost revenue for the business.  

2.    Regular servicing and maintenance
Ensuring regular and scheduled maintenance enables fleet downtime to be planned into a working day. Being smart and planning for a vehicle to be at a garage first thing in the morning means drivers can carry on with their daily jobs as quickly and with minimal disruption as possible.  

3.    Driver behaviour  
Driver behaviour can directly impact a vehicle’s maintenance requirements. Harsh braking, acceleration, and cornering can all cause unnecessary wear and tear on a vehicle. Education around how drivers should drive on the roads, in order to minimise the likelihood of accidents and reduce the likelihood of unnecessary wear on the vehicle, is a worthwhile investment.  

By encouraging drivers to reduce speed and drive more carefully, not only can reduce fuel bills but also maintenance bills, due to factors such as less tyres.

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